Sunday, August 7, 2016

Louisiana Jazz Great Pete Fountain dies at 86

Pete Fountain=56, 146
Notice he dies age 86 on 8/6. 

Eighty Six=54, 126
New Orleans=45, 54, 126

Cnn tells us he was with his wife for 64 years. 

It would have been 65 years on 10/27.
Philadelphia's 334th anniversary also the day that leaves 65 days in the year. 
I mention this because "Pete Fountain"=56, 146 numbers I see around Philadelphia a lot. 
Notice his wife's name. 
Beverly Lang=123, 51
They married in 1951. 
Pierre Dewey LaFontaine Jr=123

He dies 82 days before the anniversary. 
Clarinet=82, 37(His instrument)
Fountain=37  He was born on July 3rd or 3/7. 

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