Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Death of Cincinnati Red Michael Lorenzen's Father..Dodgers-Cubs?

I saw this story on Facebook about Cincinnati Reds player Michael Lorenzen winning the game and hitting his first MLB HR in the game just after his father died. The game was on 8/19, I'm assuming his father died 8/12 or 8/13. Haven't been able to find it for sure. The screenshot below says Michael was placed on Bereavement on Monday 8/13. 

He came out listening to the The Who for a tribute to his father. 
The Who=34, 79
Michael Lorenzen=79, 160
Who are You=131, 50
Cliff Lorenzen=145, 73
Chicago, Illinois=145
Sacrifice=73=Los Angeles Dodgers
Lorenzen wearing # 21.  21st prime number is 73. 

When this game was over Lorenzen had played in his 29th inning in the MLB. 

The Reds won the game 2-9. 
Notice too they stayed on 29 away wins. Before this game they were 29-29 even. 

Lorenzen hit his HR off of Pedro Baez. 
Pedro Baez=92

Lorenzen also born in 92'. 

Lorenzen=109, 46
Los Angeles=109

Notice the Dodgers stayed on 67 wins as well. This game was 67 days before the World Series. 

The Cubs lost 6-7 against the Rockies this day as well. 
Colorado Rockies=73=Los Angeles Dodgers
Revelation=67, 121
It was the Cubs, Dodgers, and Reds 121st game. 
Sixty Seven=162, 45
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Illinois and more. 
Major League Baseball=162=Regular Season Games. 

He hit a HR on the first pitch which was a 97mph fastball. 

Possibly foreshadowing the NLCS Series? 

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