Sunday, August 21, 2016

Backstreet Boys/NSYNC manager Lou Pearlman dies RIP?

Today we got the story of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC manager Lou Pearlman dying. He died on August 19th today is August 21st. 

Notice he dies 62 days after his 62nd birthday too. 

He dies in "Texarkana, Texas". 
Texarkana Texas=47, 164
Lou Pearlman=47, 128
Notice he was arrested for "Ponzi and bank schemes". 
Ponzi Schemes=62

Backstreet Boys=48, 165
Scottish Rite=165
When I think of this band I usually think of "Nick Carter" before any other members. 

Possibly nothing but interesting he was born on 1/28. 
Lou Pearlman=128

NSYNC=75, 21
Pearlman dies 2 months 1 day after his 62nd bday. 
When I think of NSYNC, I always think of Justin Timberlake first. 

Interesting he dies 6 months 19 days after Timberlakes bday and Pearlman's bday on 6/19. 
Timberlake=96, 42
Freemason=96, 42

The 1 song CNN mentions that by NSYNC is Bye Bye Bye. 
Bye, Bye, Bye=96, 42
I wonder if they will be singing this at Pearlman's funeral? 

Quit Playing Games with my Heart=139=Freemasonry
I want it that way=59, 194

Justin Timberlake also tweets at 9:23am. I don't see how it fits in the story but documenting it as 923 seems to be very special in many events since I've been doing this. 

Another thing I've always wondered is why we are programmed to say RIP or Rest in Peace after someone dies? 
Rest in Peace=115
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=52, 115  
115 and 511 also significant in regards to Saturn the Keeper of TIME. 
Saturn=511  (Doc Brown discovers time travel on 5/11 or 11/5 and more). 
RIP=25, 43

Who knows? It might not have anything to do with that but I've just always wondered if there was a Gematria reason for it. 

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