Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Comedian Ralphie May-The Death of Sam Kinison connections to 1991/92 Sports/ Alex Jones-Bill Hicks

I feel like there's something connected to the Ralph stuff I've been mentioning, but who knows. I thought of another Ralph/Ralphie I've heard of before today..Comedian Ralphie May. 

He's got some interesting connections in regards to sports and may be a possible sacrifice for an event this year. 
First off he is 44 years old, which is the Kill number. 
Kill=44    44 often seen around celebrity deaths. 
Notice he was born on 2/17. 
Next year his bday will be on 2/17/2017.  A lot like 217  217. 
Two Hundred Seventeen=88
The NBA All Star Week Begins on 2/17 next year. Remember they announced it won't be in NC on 21/7 too. 

Ralphie May=54, 108
Numbers I have mentioned in regards to the Cubs and the curse of the Billy Goat. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

I also find it interesting as a child he broke 42 bones in his body. 
He also opened up for his idol Sam Kinison age 17. 
Kinison then convinced him to move to Houston to pursue his career. 
It's the 112th World Series. 
Superbowl 51 is in Houston. 

Sam Kinison his idol also died at a young age of 38. 
Samuel Kinison=54, 162
MLB has 162 regular season games. 
Major League Baseball=162

Kinison dies 124 days after his 38th bday. 
Sam Kinison=124
One Hundred Twenty Four=104
Similar to the date he died of 10/4. 
Notice it's 4 months 2 days as well. 

He 38th bday also was 42 days after Minnesota won the World Series in 1991. 
1991 a special year in regards to the Ralph stuff. King Ralph came out in 1991.  Big Lebowski they go to Ralphs and the film set in 1991. 
Ralphie May born on 2+17+72=91 
Interesting too if you include the End date, his 38th bday is 43 days and 1 month 12 days(112) after the 1991 WS. 
Sam Kinison=43. 

Kinison also died 2 months 15 days days after the 1992 Superbowl. 
Samuel Burl Kinison=215

The 42nd NBA All Star Week began 2 months 2 days(End Date) after his bday and 2 months 2 days before his death.(End date) 
Twenty Two=165=Scottish Rite

Kinison also dies 1 month 24 days before the 1992 NBA Finals began. 
Samuel Kinison=54
Sam Kinison=124

The story they give about his death is very interesting as well. He was talking to someone unseen before dying. 
Also says he got married 6 days prior to Malika Souiri. 
That means they married on 4/4. 
Malika Souiri=57, 138
Malika Kinison=57, 138

Sam Kinison also dies 1 month 24 days after Ralphie May's 20th bday. 
Kinison was also born in 53'. 

I also find it interesting that many people think Sam Kinison or his friend Bill Hicks are actually Alex Jones. 
Alex Jones born on the 42nd day and is 42 right now. 
William Hicks=57
Alexander Jones=57

Bill Hicks dies on the 57th day of the year. 

Hicks also dies 2 months 11 days (End date) after his 32nd bday. 
Alex Emerick Jones=211
Thirty Two=50
Fifty Seven=50

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