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Dwayne Wade's Cousin, Nebraska Cornhuskers/Death of Sam Foltz/Kaepernick sitting during National Anthem

So we got the story of Dwayne Wade's Cousin supposedly being shot in South Side Chicago on 8/26/16. 
There is a whole lot of stuff going on with this story connecting to multiple things I have talked about. Especially to the Nebraska Cornhuskers/Teen Wolf stuff. 

Nykea Aldridge=62, 71, 116
I haven't been online a whole lot the last few days, but I just watched Zachary K Hubbard's video on this. He mentions a lot of 71 in the story.  She died 61 days before the start of the 71st NBA Season that starts on 10+25+20+16=71.  "Finals"=61. A bunch more connections as it was also 144 days before Dwayne Wade's Bday.
Seventy One=144
Wade now plays for the Chicago Bulls. Remember the Great Chicago fire was on 10/8/1871  so 144 years ago still. 

Anyway when I saw the 71 stuff I instantly remembered how last year Dwayne Wade and his Wife Gabrielle UNION(Civil War..Lincoln) were at the opening game last year for the Nebraska Cornhuskers on 9/5/15. 
She was born in Omaha and I remember on the local news they kept talking about them being at the game. It was the most scripted game I have watched since knowing gematria by the way. The game where Nebraska lost on the Hail Mary pass to BYU. 
Nebraska vs BYU 2015 pt 1
Nebraska vs BYU 2015 pt 2

Punt=71 (Death of Sam Foltz)
Death of Sam Foltz Teen Wolf and more.
They play in the Sea of Red. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Nebraska's bowl game was played at Levi's Stadium where "Superbowl Fifty"=71 was played. Moses was in the Tribe of Levi. 
Lincoln freed the slaves, Moses freed the slaves. Think about it in regards to all of the Racial stories constantly in the news. 

Dwayne Wade born on 1/17. 

The Nebraska game he went to was on 9/5 the day that leaves 117 days in the year. 

 We also got this story about Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem the same day. Remember Nebraska played in the Foster Farms bowl in 49ers stadium last year. 

They compare it to Muhammad Ali actions as well. 
Ali was born on 1/17.
Parkinsons disease=117

The first tweet they show in the article is at 1:17pm. 

The game was also against Green Bay. Notice the leading receiver was Geronimo Allison. Check out the Link below as I mentioned this guy last year. He played football at Iowa Western University and then went to Illinois. Think about the Chicago Reference with Illinois and Dwayne Wade. Iowa Western is in Council Bluffs, Iowa where the Mormon trail begins. There was a big mormon theme. The game Wade went to against BYU the Mormon school. Anyway Allison had the game winning catch against Nebraska on 10/3. Geronimo also the Indian that George Bush's Grandpa and the Skull and Bones members stole his Bones.  Abe Lincoln from Illinois. 
Think about Allison as well in regards to Allison Parker the news reporter who was supposedly murdered last year on 8/26 by "Vester Flanagan"=145=Chicago, Illinois 
Much more... check the link out. 
Nebraska vs Illinois 2015

Anyway in regards to 117 still. Remember Nebraska is going into it's 117th season being called the Cornhuskers. On 7/23/16 we got the death of Sam Foltz(Nebraska Punter) and Mike Sadler(Michigan St). LSU player survived. 
Nebraska upset Mich St. last year on 11/7. 
Death of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler

They died 35 days before Wade's cousin. 

In the post about Foltz and Sadler I talk about the connection to 1971 Orange Bowl and 1971 Superbowl both played in Miami at the Orange Bowl. 
Nebraska beat LSU for their first championship on 1/1/71. 
The Colts beat the Cowboys on 1/17/71. 
We are going into the year 17'. 
Orange Bowl=112
Houston=112(Where SB 51 is)
Sam Foltz=112
Foltz was born on 21/1. 
He died 211 days after the Foster Farms Bowl(His last game). 
He died 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's opening game against Fresno State this year. 
Chicago Bulls=112(Dwayne Wade)
Oregon State Beavers=211, 76 (Mike Riley...Teen Wolf Mascot).
Leonard Fournette=76,  Leslie Edwin Miles=76  
Remember Dwayne Wade Signed with the Bulls on 7/6. In the Alton Sterling Family video they had the guy with the Miami Heat Hat on even.  
Obama gave his final state of the union on 1/12. The next day he went to Omaha which was also the same day Lawrence Phillips died. Then he went to Baton Rouge(LSU) on 1/14. 
LSU going into it's 112th season this year. 
Gabrielle Monique Union=112, 238
Remember Wades cousin died on the 238th day of the year too. 
I also mentioned how I was seeing 238 in the Philando Castile/Alton Sterling Shootings on 7/6. Baton Rouge has a population of 238,000 and CNN Castile Video was 2:38 and more I can't think of right now. 
Notice she went to UCLA and also Nebraska for college. 
Nebraska beat UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl becoming 6/7. Pelini leaves after 67 wins. Mike Riley born on 7/6. 
Which goes back to all the Teen Wolf Stuff I mentioned before. Funny how all of that goes back to Michael Jordan and Space Jam and now Dwayne Wade is a Chicago Bull as well. 
She's also 43 years old. Sam Foltz died 43 days (1 month 12 days) before Nebraska's opening game against "Fresno State"=43. Nebraska's been the conference champion 43 times. "Mike Sadler"=43 Much more in my previous post.  "Miami Heat"=43. The BYU game was all about 34/43 that she and Wade Attended last year. 
Wade is 34 years old. 

Union's first movie was even "She's All That". 
Movie that stars Freddie PRINZE Jr. Also Rachel Leigh Cook who is from Minneapolis where Prince(singer) was from. 
Freddie even born on 3/8.  Prince=38

She was also in Love & Basketball. Notice it came out on 4/21. Prince died on 4/21 this year. It was the 112th day of the year. 
In regards to BYU and the Mormons, the Book of Mormon has writings of the Ancient prophets that lived in America until 421 AD. Rome was founded on 4/21. Queen Elizabeth born on 4/21.
4/21 is also 21/4.  Valentines 2/14 in regards to Love.  

This movie was the directing debut of Gina PRINCE. Who also went to UCLA.  She was also born on 10/6. 
Prince said all we can go by is "Prophecy"=106 
Teen Wolf "Zach Lavine"(Loving?) Westbrook, Kevin Love all went to UCLA(See my Sam Foltz post). 
The other Teen Wolf was Andrew Wiggins.  Enders Game has the character named Andrew Wiggin...his sister is Valentine.  

Also in regards to Wade Signing on 7/6 with the Bulls and leaving Miami.  I've been shown 7/6 a lot lately and I just made a video on Youtube comments showing me 7/6 in connection to 9/19 again. Last year Sam Foltz got hurt in the BYU game and didn't come back until the game against MIAMI on 9/19. The game that was 33 to 33 with 33 seconds left. A Bunch of other stuff in that game as well in regards to Moses and George H W Bush/Jimmy Carter who were born 112 days apart. 

A few weeks ago I even mentioned how Jerry Sandusky was back in the news and how he was connected to Nebraska and the movie Tommy Boy. 
Tommy Boy say "Herbie" Hancock at Marquette university where he graduates. Dwayne Wade also went to Marquette. 
Marquette of Course in Wisconsin where Sam Foltz dies, also Kaepernick sat down vs the Green Bay Packers. 

Sam Foltz wore # 27. 
Death of Nascar racer Bryan Clauson
We even got the death of Bryan Clauson age 27 in Lincoln that was connected to Chicago as well. 

So much more to this, I'm just gonna make a video and possibly add more to the blog at a later time as a lot of the stuff that's connected is not on this blog only my youtube videos and notes at home. 

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