Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Phillies Fan Thrown out by Bob Davidson-Curse of the Billy Goat-Will Smith

The first thing I want to point out in this story is the umpires name and also the teams. 
Bob Davidson..San Francisco..Philadelphia. 
In NBA we have mentioned a lot about Steph Curry who went to college at Davidson played for the Warriors. The Warriors originally from Philadelphia and now play in the San Francisco Bay area. 
Golden State=122
San Francisco=122 (Located on 122W)
Philadelphia Phillies Fan=122
Pope Francis=122 (Visited Philadelphia last year and named after St. Francis of Assisi just like San Francisco).  
If you include the End Date 8/2 is also the 122 day of the MLB Season. 

Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
Notice this happened 2 months 23 days before the World Series. 

The Phillies won 13-8.
Donald Trump=138
Notice too, the fan was thrown out in the 6th inning. The 6th inning came to an end when the score was 8-8. 

If the Giants make the World Series and lose they will also have an all time record in the WS of 8-13. 
Giants in their 134th season.  "King Charles III"=134

The Giants stay on 61 wins. Bob Davidson wears # 61. 
Notice he is from Chicago as well. This happened 1 day before his 65th bday. 
He debuted in 82' and this happened on 8/2.  Just want to point out 1982 was also 34 years ago. 
The MLB season started on April 3rd 4/3 or 3/4. 
The 82nd prime is 421. Very similar to the date Prince(singer) died and Queen Elizabeth's 90th bday on 4/21. 
4/21 to 8/2 is 103 days. 
Billy Goat=103

It was also 61 days before the last day of the season. 
Sixty One=131, 41
Championship=131, 68
Balkin Bob=68(Umps nickname)
The fan was thrown out in the 6th inning. 
Sixth Inning=147
World Series=147
It was also the Giants 106th game. 
The Phillies who won were playing their 108th game. 108 a big number connected to the Chicago. 

Notice they gave Will Smith the loss in the game. He wears # 13 and Phillies win with 13 runs. 
He pitched 10 pitches and 7 strikes. Which reminds us of 107. 
Bob Davidson=44, 107=King Charles=Earthquake
Remember the Giants lost the WS in 1989...the subway series against Oakland that had the Loma Prieta earthquake. 

He was even born on 10/7. 

Doesn't it seem a little strange that Wiki still has a pic of him as a KC Royal although he hasn't played for them since 2013? He also was just traded on 8/1 to the Giants from Milwaukee. 

How interesting the article today also mentions Davidson throwing a fan out in Milwaukee against the Cardinals in 2010. 

Notice it was Milwaukee's 138th game of the season on 9/7. 
I also find their next two series' interesting as they played the Cubs then the Astros. 
St. Louis Cardinals=61
The Giants won the 106th WS in 2010 as well, Beating the Phillies to make the WS even. 
Also notice the Phillies got their 49th win. 
Will Smith the former New Orleans Saint's player died on 4/9. Will Smith is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, from Philadelphia. 49 days after Will Smith died we also got the death of Bryce Dejean Jones. The New Orleans Pelican's player. 
Bryce Dejean Jones=65=Prince. 
Bob Davidson born on 8/3 or 3/8. 

Also interesting to note that Davidson has had trouble before at a Phillies game. He was suspended for 1 game in 2012 after a Wild Pitch. Just want to point out the Astros were the team he helped. They ended up losing the game though 4-3. 

The Phillies won 4-3 that game, but I want to point out the very next night they played and beat the Cubs. Also very interesting they beat the Cubs on their 38th game, but also made the Phillies record 19-19. 
Nineteen Nineteen=82 
9/19 leaves 103 days in the year. 
1919 was a big year in Chicago. There was the race riot, the first major aviation crash(blimp), also the year of the Black Sox Scandal and more. 
Remember the Norad Blimp story from last year during the WS as well. Now we are getting the Hot air Balloon story.
The Cubs also won tonight August 2nd making their record 65-41.  
So It was also their 106th game and they got 65 wins(Prince). 

So much more to this, but I have to get some sleep. Definitely add more to this post tomorrow. 

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