Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Northwest Airlines Flight 255 Crash in Detroit 8/16 1987/Death of NBA Player Nick Vanos on Flight 255

I saw on Facebook that today marks the 29th anniversary of Northwest Flight 255 crashing. 
I've been mentioning how a lot of plane crashes have connections to Freemasonry and also the Royal Family. 
August 16th is 16/8. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168
It also happened in 1987. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87
Notice it killed 156 people. 
156th prime is 911
Thirty Three=156
Northwest=142, 43
Forty Two=142, 43
Two Hundred Fifty Five=105=Masonry 

1 person survived. 
Cecilia Cichan=58, 76
Freemason=58    CC=33
She was 4 years old.  4+29=33
The plane also crashes in Romulus, Michigan. 
Today marks the 29th anniversary. 

Remember Romulus and Remus founded Rome on April 21st. 
Queen Elizabeth II also born on 4/21. 

Romulus is a suburb of Detroit Michigan. 
Detroit, Michigan=83, 155
Notice the coordinates of the crash are 42N 83W. 
155 people were on board the plane (6 Crew 149 Passenger)

155 also reminds me of the the 155 survivors on the Miracle on the Hudson plane. The movie "Sully" is coming out on 9/9/16 even. 
Sully Sullenberger=74
It happens on 1/15. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115 (Gonna look more into this wreck next I think)
Sully played by "Tom Hanks"=29

The Airport is called "Detroit Metropolitan Airport". 
Detroit Metropolitan Airport=139

One of the Passengers was a NBA player for the Phoenix Suns named Nick Vanos. 
The Flight was going from Detroit to Phoenix of course. 

There's even a documentary that is 91 minutes called Sole Survivor that has Cecilia Cichan in it. 

Vanos started the last 10 games for the Suns even and they went 9-1. It was due to the injuries of James Edwards and William Bedford. After he died they traded William Bedford to Detroit even lol. 

Detroit even made the NBA Finals after he died although they lost to the Lakers. Also the 42nd NBA season. 

Notice he died 82 days before the NBA season that year. 
NBA Season is 82 games. 

The plane was a MD-82. 

Sports says he weighed 255 pounds even and then dies on Flight 255. 

He also died after playing 68 NBA games. 
Detroit Pistons=68

He also died 63 days after the 1987 NBA Finals. 
Nick Vanos=63 He was born in 63'. 
2 months 2 days    Basketball=22

The Pistons lost to Lakers in 1988 after he died, but the next year they won the Finals and even won 63 regular season games. 

The pilot was 57 year old John R Maus with 31 years experience. 
Scottish Rite=57
John R Maus=38, 119
John Maus=29
Cichan=29 (Only survivor's last name). 
Her married name is even Cecilia Cichan Crocker=149  She's the only survivor of 149 passengers.  CCC=333
The first officer was David J Dodds. 
David J Dodds=42, 96=Freemason

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