Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama Frees Demarius Thomas' Grandmother/Mother

On August 2nd Obama commuted Demaryius Thomas' grandmother. 
August 2nd normally the 214th day of the year. Notice it says Obama commuted 214 inmates even. 
This story comes out on 8/4. 
Minnie Pearl Thomas=84
Obama=84  even born on 8/4. 
Demaryius Antwan Thomas=84

She was in jail for cocaine trafficking.
Cocaine Trafficking=154
Drug Trafficking=154
Denver Broncos=154
Remember they finished last season 15-4
Won the SB at "Levis Stadium"=154

It also says she is 60 years old, and in prison for 16 years. Interesting that depending on her bday she went to prison age 44 possibly. 
Obama the 44th president. 

I love how the article mentions he is getting his grandma back for Christmas. Notice he is also born on Christmas day. Notice he will be 29 years old too. 

Notice Thomas Tweets about it at 3:08 on 8/3.  
Colorado=38, 83  Also the 38th state. 
Last year the Superbowl was on the 38th day of the year. 

She's scheduled to get out on 12/1. 
Revelation=49, 67, 121

Obama commutes her 121 days before she gets out on 12/1. 

12/1 is also 2 months 5 days before SB 51 on 2/5(End date). 

Thomas' mother was also released from prison last year on 11/10/15. Interesting date too as my 33rd bday was this day. 
Daniel Behrendt=121
Katina Stuckey Smith=67

Notice she was commuted on 7/13 or 13/7. I mention this because the CNN article about Minnie was posted at 1:37am.   137 is the 33rd prime number. 
Anyway Thomas' mother was commuted 121 days before she was released in prison. 
Also want to point out 3 months 29 days. It's very fitting as 3/29 March 29th is the 88th day of the year. Thomas wears # 88. 

She was commuted 1 year 21 days before Minnie.  Which also means they are getting out of prison 1 year 21 days apart as well. 

Katina Smith also gets out of prison 2 months 29 days before SB 50. 
Katina Stuckey Smith=229
Katina Smith=44

This piece is from the article when his mother was commuted. Notice the grandma is 59 and his mom 42 in this article. How ridiculous. 59 and 42 the number always on black people in a negative way. 
Minnie Thomas=59
Blues=59 Motown Records came out in 1959. 
Booker T Washington dies age 59. 
W.E.B Dubois dies age 95. 
Eli Whitney dies age 59. 
The list goes on...

They even go to jail in February. Black History month. 
February=42(only month to do so)
Has the 42nd day, the 59th and 60th day. 
Nigger=42, 60
Remember Minnie Pearl is 60 years old right now. 
Jackie Robinson wore # 42. 
Much more to this as well. 

Minnie Pearl Thomas=192
Indianapolis Colts=192
Conspiracy=51, 123
This year is SB 51. 
Tallahassee Florida=69(where they were in jail)
Eighty Eight=69, 123 (Thomas number)