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6 Die in Virginia Plane Crash, Monty Williams US Olympic Basketball Team-Chicago-Philadelphia-Theodore Roosevelt Plane Crash in 1961

Shannon Airport=74

Six Die in Virginia Plane Crash=144

SGT FL Tyler=144
Forty Four=144

Fredericksburg even named after Prince of Wales Frederick.  
He died age 44. 
He was the Father of George III. 
So interesting he was the Prince of Wales like Prince Charles yet didn't live long enough to ascend the throne. 

Fredericksburg, Virginia also reminds me of Oklahoma City Thunder associate Coach Monty Williams who is 44 years old. 
Remember his wife died on February 10th age 44 in a "Car Crash"=44

Monty Williams wife died 185 days ago (End Date)
Monty Williams=185
Donald John Trump=185
Missing Airplanes=185
Wales Wisconsin=185 (Sam Foltz Nebraska)
Stock Market Crash=185

Monty Williams an assistant coach for the US Olympic Team in Rio right now as well. 

Notice tonight they barely beat Serbia, but look at that total score. 
The Olympic BBall tournament also ends on 21/8. Today is 8/12. 

Book of Revelation=185
The Thunder had 3 deaths connected to their team this year. 
Monty's wife.
Demetrius Pinckney-(Dion Waiters bro)
Aubrey McClendon

Monty finished his playing career in Philadelphia. 
Waiters brother dies in Philadelphia. 
Aubrey McClendon=65=Philadelphia
Philadelphia comes from the Book of Revelation. 

There was also the pileup in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania on 2/13 this year. I-78 Pileup Fredericksburg

There's also some type of connection to Virginia with Philadelphia as I've mentioned Allen Iverson was from Hampton, Virginia. This year in the College Basketball Tournament Virginia Cavalier Coach Tony Bennett Collapsed while they were playing Hampton. Villanova the Philadelphia team won for the first time since 1985 when they stopped Georgetown from winning Back to Back when Patrick Ewing was on the team.   Ewing and Iverson the only # 1 Draft picks who came from Georgetown. 

I wonder too if it's in regards to the 5.8 Mineral, Virginia Earthquake that happened in 2012 that I said was felt in Philadelphia? I talked a bunch about this as the Comcast Center in Philadelphia is 58 stories high. 
Happy Gilmore=145 learns how to putt on the Earthquake Golf Course and the building that falls over looks a lot like the Comcast Center. 
Monty Williams born in 71' and will be 45 years old on the 145th annivesary of the Great Chicago Fire on 10/8/1871. 
Chicago Illinois=145
Willis tower is 108 stories.
Cubs haven't won WS in 108 years. 
One hundred Forty Five=108

When I typed in Shannon Airport on Wiki it brought me to this airport in Ireland. 

Look at that..It started being built on 10/8. It also says on Sept 10th 1961 an accident happened there involving President Airlines. It crashed on it's way to Chicago? hmmm. 
If you include the End Date.. That means it crashed when Obama was 38 days old. 
President Airlines=197=Prince
Also 10/8/1936 was 71(End Date) days before Pope Francis was born. 

Notice they called the Flight "Theodore Roosevelt" as well. Fitting for all the stuff I have talked about previously with Obama going to Omaha and then Baton Rouge after his State of the Union. He gave a speech at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge(Alton Sterling). William Mckinley the president was assassinated in Buffalo just days after his VP Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech about carrying the Big Stick in Falcon, Heights Minnesota(Philando Castile).  Baton Rouge named after the Red Stick of the Houma people's hunting ground boundary. 

Teddy Roosevelt also born on Philadelphia's 176th anniversary in 1858. He also died in 1919 which was a major year in Chicago, it even had the first major aviation crash.  
Back to the Future=176  
Remember it comes to an end on Philadelphia's 303rd anniversary. 
1952 the year Eliz II became the Queen was 176 years after 1776. 
10/27 leaves 65 days in the year. 
Roosevelt dies 71 days after his 60th bday. 

There's a lot of stuff going on with this little story. Makes me wonder if they do assassinated a political figure if the story will just be they died in a plane crash or possibly the plane just goes missing? 

Coach K is even the head coach of the Olympic team right now. He was born in Chicago. 
Mike Krzyzewski=211
Demetrius Pinckney=211
We got the story of Monty Williams wife dying on 2/11 even though she died on 2/10. 
2/11 is the 42nd day.  Teddy Roosevelt became president age 42. The Theodore Roosevelt plane that crashed in 1961 was 42 years after Roosevelt died.
A 211 always reminds me of a Robbery. "A 211 in progress". 

This is a prime example of the masons running wikipedia making the story fit the numbers. 
It used to say his name was Tavares Montgomery Williams Jr. 
Now it says his name is "Monty Eli Williams"=211
Duke Blue Devils=152=Pennsylvania

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