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Death of The Big Lebowski-Royal Theme-King Ralph-The Eagles and death of Lana Meisner-Nancy Reagan-Donald Trump

David Huddleston who played as 1 of the Jeffrey Lebowski's on the Big Lebowski died on 8/2.   Notice he dies age 85 and CNN doesn't report it until today which is 8/5. 

The Big Lebowski=66
Notice Jeff Bridges the other Jeffrey Lebowski is 66 years old right now. 
Also interesting that Huddleston dies on 8/2. 
Jeff The Dude Lebowski=82

Interesting as well he will turn 67 on 12/4 which is 124 days after Huddleston dies. 

The Big Lebowski came out on March 6th which is 3/6 or 6/3. 
David Huddleston=63

Eagles coding Lana Meisner/Glenn Frey
Also one of the famous lines from the Big Lebowski is about how he hates the band the Eagles. 
Interesting Randy Meisner's wife was accidentally shot and killed on March 6th 2016, so she dies on the 18th anniversary of The Big Lebowski being released. 

Glenn Frey also died 197 days before 8/2. 
The film takes place in Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles, California=197
3/6/98 was also the 65th day of the year. 
The reason I mention this is because of a couple main points in the movie as well. 

In the movie we are let known multiple times about the grocery store Ralphs. 

The founder of the store even died age 63. Interesting bday and death day as well. 
9/23 (Pope Francis stuff)
6/21/14 was exactly 68 years beforre Prince William was born.  
Plus if Queen Eliz II dies Prince Charles may become King George VII instead of Charles III. 
George Ralphs=68, 131
Prince Charles=68, 131 

Another main character in the movie is John Goodman. Remember he was in the movie King Ralph. 

He becomes the King of the UK after the Royal Family is electrocuted to death.  

Goodman was 38 years old when he King Ralph came out. 
Notice it was also 2017 weeks seems interesting in regards to next year. 306th prime is also 2017 which reminds us of the date Lebowski came out again. 3/6. 
7 months 26 days is also 240 days. 
8/2 when Huddleston died was the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed.
82nd prime is also 421.  Eliz II born on 4/21 same day Prince(singer) died. 
Also note that Goodman born the same year Elizabeth II became Queen 1952.  

Goodman's bday also 147 days before Prince Charles bday. 
The Big Lebowski=147
Ralph Jones=118(Goodman's character) (see my Eagles Post above)
Election Day in the US is on 11/8 too. 

Tara Reid also plays Lebowski's(Huddleston) wife. She is the character that is basically the main point of the whole movie. 
Tara Reid=40, 76
Notice she is 40 years old when Huddleston dies. 
Bunny=76 (Her name in the film)

Huddleston even dies 3 months 6 days before her bday. Remember the film came out on 3/6. 
Notice 3/6 to 11/8 is also 8 months 2 days. A lot like the day Huddleston dies on 8/2. 

Also 3/6 this year was the same day Nancy Reagan died. She was born on 7/6. Remember she died in Los Angeles the same day the Warriors lost to the Lakers in Los Angeles. 

Interesting in the film we get the guy in the Cavaliers bowling team shirt next to #23 lane.  Lebron wears #23. 
Lebron James=114

Huddleston dies 1 month 14 days after Cavs won the Finals. 

Remember in Nancy Reagan's death I mentioned how it is super connected to 9/19. 19 and 91. I've also mentioned 9/19 in regards to Pope Francis/Obama/Cuba/James Garfield/Queen Eliz II and more. 
Jeff Bridges=91=September Nineteenth
The Big Lebowski is set in the year 1991.  They even show him filling out a check at Ralph's in the beginning with the date 9/11/91.  The movie King Ralph came out on 2/15 1991. 

If you go from 3/6 to 9/19 it's 197 days. 

9/19 to Queen Eliz II's 91st bday is 214 days. Her bday on 21/4. 
8/2 is the 214th day of the year in a non leap year. 
8/2/16 was the 215th day, remember King Ralph came out on 2/15. 
Leap Year=38=Prince  Goodman was 38 years old. 
Think about Nancy Reagan in regards to her husband having an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. We just got the story of him going to be released from Prison. 
We have Donald Trump Running for president. 

The only person to die in The Big Lebowski is Steve Buscemi's character named "Donny"....Goodman always tells him to shut the fuck up. Just interesting in regards to Donald Trump, I think a lot of people want to tell him the same thing. 
He dies of a "Heart Attack"=36
Goodman's character is "Walter Sobchak"=48, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138

I might add some more stuff to this post tomorrow. Gonna try and rewatch King Ralph. 

So I rewatched King Ralph. I didn't notice a whole lot of stuff. A few interesting things though. The guy who tries to sabotage him, is trying to bring back the House of Stuart. The House of Stuart began with King James I and Charles I and II were also in the House of Stuart. So interesting in regards to Prince Charles possibly becoming King Charles III. 
Also Ralph Falls in love with a non royal. The actress who plays her is named "Camille". Prince Charles wife is Camilla. 

He's shown wearing this outfit as well in the beginning and end of the movie. They even show his son wearing a Packers Coat at the end. 
Just want to post this in case it happens to be a clue to this years WS and SB 51. I made a post about Bob Davidson throwing a fan out of the game the other day as well. The last time he threw a fan out was in Milwaukee when they were playing the Astros. I talked about it in regards to the possibility of the Cubs vs Astros WS and a few other things. 
Packers win Superbowl Fifty One=134=King Charles III
Packers were established in 1919. 
Cubs and Packers=137
Ralph Hampton Gainesworth Jones=137

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