Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A-Rod-Prince Fielder retiring and the connections some previous posts I've made.

Not gonna make a big post on this, but wanted to document it really quick in regards to my previous post on Aroldis Chapman trade. 
Aroldis Chapman to Cubs August 12th
The reason it sticks out so much is A-Rod's final game will be played this Friday which is August 12th. In the link above I mentioned August 12th being a symbolic day in regards to Baseball and World War. 
Zach also told me it was the president of France's Bday. 
So many 38's this year it's crazy. 

I also read on Zachary K Hubbard's blog today in the comments about Prince Fielder most likely retiring as well. 
"Prince" I mean really....
He hasn't played since 19/7. 
It really fits what I was talking about in the Chapman Link as well. 
Death of the Big Lebowski
The Death of Big Lebowski  Link also has a lot of interesting connections to Prince(singer) and how it connects to the World Series in 1991 and Superbowl in 1991. 
William McKinley died on Sept. 14th that leaves 108 days in the year. 
Prince Semien Fielder=108
Depending on the End date, Fielder hasn't played a game since the 107th or 108th day of the MLB season. (4/3 to 7/19). 
King Charles=107
Cubs haven't won the WS in 108 years. 
Willis Tower is 108 stories tall. 
The Great Chicago Fire happened 145 years ago on 10/8. 
Chicago Illinois=145

He is the son of Cecil Fielder. 
Cecil Fielder=91=Chicago Cubs
The Lebowski Link I talk about 1991 and why it's significant. 

Zach was actually talking about this picture and story in the topic. He mentioned the heart symbol being seen a lot. The Heart is a big connection to I Pet Goat II as the classroom is all about Hearts and Love which I talk about in the Chapman Link. 

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