Saturday, August 13, 2016

Louisiana Flooding Get Out Now-Flight 804 140

Get out Now=140  

John Bel Edwards=140

We get this story on August 13th that leaves 140 days in the year. 

One Hundred Forty=84, 192
This is a Major Disaster=84, 237

Been seeing a decent amount of 192 not sure of the significance but:
Indianapolis Colts=192
San Francisco Giants=192
Foster Farms Bowl=192(Levi's Stadium/Nebraska)
State of the Union=192
Dennis Michael Behrendt=192(My Dad)
Interesting "Denny Behrendt"=138 and today is 13/8. 
Interesting too his bday is 4/11 the 101st day of the year. 
Colby Delahoussaye=192(LSU player who survived Car Wreck)

They show us how LSU is also flooded. 

In the CNN video the guy keeps mentioning about the floods in March that started on 3/8. 
Intersting it was 5 months 5 days ago too. 

The 84 also reminds me of Flight 804, that happened on the 140th day of 2016. 
Eight Four=804
Lousiana has all the connections to France. 

August 13th the 226th day this year, Flight 804 happened 2 months 26 days ago. 

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  1. The twitter-bot has interesting numbers:
    Brianna Paciorka -- 133/70/387
    bpaciorka -- 76/40/216