Friday, August 12, 2016

Jerry Sandusky testifies at appeal hearing 8/12.

How funny I've recently been talking about the Nebraska Cornhuskers and how Jerry Sandusky was connected to them again. Today 8/12 we get the story Jerry Sandusky Testifies for the First Time. 
Sandusky=24, 33, 42, 114
Penn State=33, 42, 114
Jerry Sandusky=55
Nittany Lions=55

Absolutely Not=55
A pretty great fit for Penn State. 

Notice Sandusky was indicted on 11/4 as well. 

I also mentioned the movie Tommy Boy in Regards to the Huskers and how the movie is set in Sandusky, Ohio. Notice the Street plan of the town Sandusky, Ohio is set up like the Masonic Compass and square too. 
Sandusky Ohio=53, 161
I even mentioned the connection to Herbie: The Love Bug who was car # 53. 
American Civil War=161   
Lincoln, Nebrakasa....Abraham Lincoln... 

The date this story comes out on(12/8, 8/12) is also fitting with Pennsylvania. 
12+12+17+87=128 (Penn founded date)
William Penn=128 (Founder of Pennsylvania)
Tommy Boy=128

His victims were mostly between the ages of 8-12. No wonder the story comes out today. 

He was also sentenced on 10/9 which was 109 days before his 69th bday. 

I also mentioned how Nebraska was the 1st team to play Penn St. after Sandusky was arrested. 
Notice Penn State lost to Nebraska on 11/12. 
They finished the season losing to Houston. 
Just interesting as I talked about the Death of Sam Foltz and how it's connected to Superbowl 51 that's in Houston. 
It was the  "Ticket City Bowl"=177

Today is 177 days before SB 51. 


  1. How do you get Sandusky = 42 and 33???

    1. Sandusky=24 (Reduction) With "S" or "K" Exception you add 9. So Sandusky=24, 33, 42. If you add the "S" and "K" exception "Sandsuky"=24, 33, 42, 51 Hope that makes sense.