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Death of Gene Wilder-Nebraska Cornhuskers-Iowa Hawkeyes-Death of the Big Lebowski

We get the death of Gene Wilder on August 29th.
Lot's of interesting connections in this death. Believe it or not even connects to the Death of Dwayne Wade's cousin and the Nebraska Cornhuskers that I just talked about. Its also connected to the Iowa Hawkeyes and the death of Kyle Calloway. 
Wilder even born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dwayne Wade went to college in Milwaukee.  Sam Foltz died in Wisconsin. 

I'll get into gematria and how it's connected to Dwayne Wade's Cousin stuff in a bit. First off, I've really only watched a few movies with Gene Wilder that I can think of of the top of my head. ...Willy Wonka, See no Evil Hear No Evil, and Blazing Saddles.  When I hear Wilder I always think of the Film Van Wilder. 
Ryan Reynolds is also DeadPool who's name is WADE. 
Notice in Van Wilder the girl he falls in love with is Tara Reid. 
Death of Big Lebowski David Huddleston

I also just covered the death of Big Lebowski actor David Huddleston. The whole movie is based around his wife being kidnapped. His wife is played by Tara Reid. 

Huddleston and Gene Wilder in the film Blazing Saddles together. 
Talk about following the race theme as well in regards to this movie. It's about a Black Sheriff in a White town in 1874. 

Anyway besides this movie there's some interesting connections to Wilder and Huddleston. 
David Huddleston=162
Wilder born on 6/11 or 11/6.  which is the 162nd day. 
Nykea Aldridge=116(Wade's cousin)

Wilder dies on the day that leaves 124 days in the year. 

In the Big Lebowski post I mentioned how Jeff Bridges bday is 12/4 which was also 124 days after Huddleston died. 
Also I made a video in regards to Fat Comedians who are all connected to the number 124 and I said I think Ralphie May might be sacrificed soon. Wilder considered a comedian, so maybe it's not just FAT comedians who die by this number, possibly many comedians. 

The last movie Tara Reid was in in called Charlies Farm. 
Notice it came out on 12/4.
Charlie...and the Chocolate Factory. 
Prince Charles... 
Prince Charles=68
Charlies Farm=68
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory=134
King Charles III=134
Also think about Farms in regards to Nebraska, Iowa, etc..
Remember a while back I said Iowa has a Purple Weed growing all over the state called "Creeping Charlie" as well. 

Wilder's nephew also said he died listening to one of his favorite songs. 
Somewhere over the Rainbow=124
The song from the Wizard of Oz which connects to Kansas/Gays. Remember Kansas has a big connection to the Civil War as well being the 34th and last state to join the Union before the War. Nebraska Cornhuskers...Abe Lincoln, Lincoln Nebraska. 
I've also mentioned a lot of 76 and 67. 
Mike Riley born on 7/6. Nebraska finished 6-7 last year.  Dwayne Wade signs with Bulls on 7/6. Alton Sterling/Castile stories on 7/6  and much more in my previous posts. 
Tara Reid=76
Bunny=76 (name on Lebowski)
Obama nominated Merrick GARLAND on the 76th day of 2016. 
Merrick Garland=71
Nebraska=71, 35
African American=71

Tara Reid bday 71 days after Gene Wilder's death. Notice her bday also on Election Day. 
Wilder dies age 83. 
Frances Ethel Gumm=71(Judy Garland's real name).
Wilder=71, 35   
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory came out in 71'. 
Judy Garland=117 
See my previous video/post. 
Dwayne Wade born on 1/17.  Went to Nebraska game last year on 9/5 that leaves 117 days in the year and much more. 
So Gene Wilder also dies 79 days after his 83rd bday. 
Alzheimers disease=79
Stamford Connecticut=79

N=5 U=3
Herbie is # 53
Mike Riley=53  born in 53'. 

Wilder also dies on what is normally the 241st day. 
The 53rd prime number is 241. 
Another reason I think it's connected to the Huskers is he died age 83. 

The main character in Blazing Saddles also dies age 53. 
Cleavon Little=51, 69, 150
Lincoln Nebraska=150
Walker-Pearlman=150 (Wilder's Nephew)
Cleavon Jake Little=60
Lincoln Nebraska=60
Abraham Lincoln=60
Thanksgiving=60, 141

Notice it says his relative is famous for the Rocky Theme Song. If you go back I talked about Rocky being in connection to Thanksgiving and WWIII. 
World War III=69, 141
World War Three=71
I talked about something in regards to being a day off. Nebraska plays Iowa the day after Thanksgiving this year. Just something to think about. 

I'm not exactly sure of the significance yet but his death also connected to the World Series most likely. 
Gene Wilder=57 
World Series=57, 147
He dies 57 days before the World Series. 
Born on 162nd day.  "David Huddleston"=162
Major League Baseball=162= 162 Regular season games. 
The Big Lebowski=147
Blazing Saddles=54=Baseball

Wilder also went to the University of Iowa. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=145
Chicago Illinois=145
8/29....829 is the 145th prime number. 
Willy Wonka=145

I've mentioned a lot of stuff in regards to the Iowa Hawkeyes as well who are in the Big Ten with Nebraska. They even play each other the last game of the season. Iowa's first game is against Miami, Ohio. Which is interesting considering all of the Miami connections I previously mentioned. 

Wilder also dies 55 days after they reported the death of former Iowa Hawkeye Kyle Calloway. He actually died on 7/2 but the media didnt report it until 7/5. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Notice its also 1 month 24 days. 
Kyle Calloway=55, 145
Willy Wonka=55
July 5th also 5/7=Gene Wilder
Calloway's death was connected to the College WS. He died in a suburb of Tuscon, Arizona.  Coastal Carolina beat Arizona who is from Tuscon. 
June 30th to 8/29 is 60 days. 
Calloway wore # 60  death reported 60 days before Iowa's first game. 
Huddleston dies 27 days before Wilder. Sam Foltz wore # 27, got injured in the Game Dwayne Wade went to last year. It was Foltz 27th game.   Calloway died on 2/7 or 7/2. 
August Twenty Ninth=72
Twenty Seven=55

The reason I know I'm on to something in regards to the Nebraska Cornhuskers is because of his semi-famous nephew. The only relative mentioned that anyone has heard of. 
Jordan Walker-Pearlman. 

The description on Wiki talks about how he's best known for his movie The Visit. The other movie they talk about is called "Constellation" which is a racial healing movie used at conferences since 2007. 
Jerome Silberman=159 (Wilder's real name)

Notice who the star of this film is.....Gabrielle Union. 
Gabrielle is Dwayne Wade's wife who is from Omaha and they went to the Huskers game last year together. 
She plays the character named "Carmel Boxer". 
Carmel Boxer=53, 116
Alheizmers=53, 116
African American=116

Some extra stuff I noticed....
Jerome Silberman=69 (Wilder's real name)
6+11+19+33=69 (Birth Day)
Johnny Depp born on 6/9.  (Also Wonka)
Remember this year will also be the 69th anniversary of Israel being recognized on 11/29. 

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