Tuesday, August 23, 2016

6.2 Earthquake hits Norcia, Italy

So we are getting an Earthquake Story in Italy right now August 23rd 2016. The Earthquake actually happened on August 24th in Italy though at 3:36am. 
The 216th minute of the Day. 

The reason I find it so interesting is because every time I talk about Earthquakes it always seems to be connected to the months of August and September. 

August 23rd is also the 5th anniversary of the Mineral, Virginia Earthquake. The last worst East Coast Earthquake in the US. It was a 5.8, The previous worst was the Cornwall-Massena Earthquake which was also a 5.8. The Worst was the Charleston Earthquake in 1886 that was 58 years 5 days before the Cornwall-Massena one. 

Anyway there's not a lot of details yet on this story but a few things I've noticed already...

Six Point Two=58
Norcia, Italy=55(5.5 aftershock)

CNN now has this headline. 
Quake Rocks Italy=62
Ha and a 6.2 Earthquake. 

Also it hit 6.2 miles away from Norcia. 

We'll see what else comes out of it, if anything. 

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