Monday, August 22, 2016

112 days before the 112th World Series Tigers lose to Indians 1-12

I just covered Flight 214 and noticed it had connections to the 109th World Series. It was 109 days before the World Series in 2013. It was the 97th day of the season and the Red Sox won 9-7 beating "Los Angeles"=109.  The Red Sox went on to win the World Series.  
Flight 214 Red Sox
You can check out more in the link above. 

Anyway this year is the 112th World Series so I looked up the games that were 112 days before the 112th WS. 

The only game that had a 112 reference was the Indians vs the Tigers.  Tigers lost 1-12. 
July 5th is either 7/5 or 5/7. 
World Series=57
Chief Wahoo=57, 93 (This was the 93rd day of the season)
Curse of Chief Wahoo=121, 211.  (112/211  Score of game 12-1?)
Notice the Indians got their 51st win as well. 
Also interesting they played Detroit. 
Detroit=91=Chicago Cubs
The Cubs a main topic in my previous posts. 

The Cubs lost 5-9 to the Reds on 7/5. 
Interesting "Cincinnati"=51=Cleveland
Ninety Five=57=World Series
Fifty Nine=54, 108   (The Numbers around the Cubs)

Interesting it was also the Cubs and Indians 83rd game of the season. 
Eighty Three=67
7/5 was the Day Alton Sterling was killed. 
Alton Sterling=58, 67, 166

The Astros also been talked about a lot. 
They beat "Mariners"=43=Champion 112 days before the 112th WS. 
Notice Mariners stayed on 43 wins too. 
Houston Astros=51

Another team we have mentioned is the Texas Rangers with all of connections of Fielder/A-Rod/Teixeira to the Rangers. 
Notice they beat the "Boston Red Sox"=53 that day. 
Rangers got their 53rd win on their 85th game. 
Red Sox=85

Last year it was the 111th World Series. Mets vs Royals. 
Notice the Royals beat Tampa Bay 111 days before. 
Tampa Bay=79=Champion
Tampa Bay even lost 7 to 9. 
The Mets beat San Francisco. 
San Francisco=122=Kansas City

So who knows, just wanted to document some interesting things, Need to go back and see how it's been connected to multiple previous years and see If a big pattern exists. 


  1. Very well done, I hope one of us can find some concrete prophetic clues!!!!

  2. Hey just was looking at scores and I saw the score from the game yesterday Friday August 26th and it was Indians12 Rangers 1 again! Brought them both to have 54 losses as well, might be something with these numbers

    1. Sweet thanks, might be another sign. It was 1 month 29 days before the WS and that game was the Rangers 129th of the season.