Friday, August 26, 2016

Andrew Luck upgrades his Flip Phone

We get this article on CNN Yesterday. Andrew Luck uses a Flip phone. 
Flip Phone=56, 101
Explore Texas=56, 164

Interesting the Superbowl is in Houston, Texas this year as well. 
Andrew Luck went to HS in Houston. 
Andrew Luck=112

Andrew Austen Luck=75, 192
Indianapolis Colts=75, 192

The only Tweet they show on the article is by Kevin Clark. 
Kevin Clark=43, 52, 106
Prophecy=52, 106

I'm a little surprised Luck doesn't have a Smart Phone yet. 
Smart Phone=129, 48 (Numbers I've seen a lot recently in bad things)
Luck born on 12/9 though. 

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