Thursday, August 18, 2016

US Airways Flight 1549..Royalty/Freemasonry and Film Sully coming out on 9/9/16.

Finally looking more into this plane crash US Airways Flight 1549 that happened on January 15th 2009. 
Every plane crash I have covered I've noticed connections to Freemasonry and the Royal Family, this one is no different. 

Flight One Thousand Five Hundred Forty Nine=197
Miracle on the Hudson=87
Queen Elizabeth II=87 
Fifteen Forty Nine=191=House of Windsor
Flight Fifteen Forty Nine=253=Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the main reasons I'm looking at it, is because of the Film based on it coming out on 9/9 called "Sully" starring Tom Hanks. 
9/9/15 was the day Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British/English Monarch of all time. 
September Ninth=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Elizabeth Surpassed Victoria who surpassed George III on 9/22 which is 9/9 on the Julian Calendar.   George III was coronated on 9/22 as well. Interesting the Plane wreck we just got in Fredericksburg, Virginia which was named after George III's father. 

Tom Hanks also stars in the movie "Philadelphia"=101
Tom Hanks=101
The Fresh Prince is from Philadelphia. 

January 15th 1/15. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115

It happens 96 days before Eliz II's 83rd bday. 

The plane crashed after leaving New York City going to Charlotte, with a Final Destination of Seattle. 
Charlotte the feminine of CHARLES
New York City=168=Queen Elizabeth II

LaGuardia=74, 38
Sully Sullenberger=74 (Captain)
The Plane crashes on 74W as well. 

The Reason the plane crashed/emergency landed was because it hit birds. 
Canada Geese=65, 38(reason it crashed)
Prince=65, 38

The Plane's final destination being Seattle reminds me a lot of another 1993 Tom Hanks movie called "Sleepless in Seattle". Philadelphia came out in 1993 as well. 
Sleepless in Seattle is all about the Empire State Building and him meeting Meg Ryan's character there. 
Sleepless in Seattle=217
Chesley B Sullenberger=217
Been seeing 217 a lot in regards to the NBA but also as a date 2/17 is the 48th day. Michael Jordan born on 2/17. Think about the connection as he owns the Charlotte Hornets right now. He played college at North Carolina. The Carolina's named after King Charles I. 
Prince Charles born on 11/14/48. 
King Charles I dies age 48. 
Charles II=48
The 48th prime is 223=Masonic(Jewish)
Emergency Water Landing=223
Seattle, Washington=212
Charles Prince of Wales=212

Says Flight 1549 even crashed near 48th street. 
Donald Trump=48, 138

Tom Hanks is in a bunch of movies of significance as well. 
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks=204
Miracle on the Hudson=204

I can't help but think of Cast Away in regards to the plane symbolism going on the last few years.  Remember the movie Castaway he is flying to Malaysia when his plane goes missing. It's the FedEx 88 plane. They say "Eric is next" just before the plane goes down. This film also the inspiration for the TV show "Lost". 
Fed Ex Eighty Eight=95, 167
Prince Charles of Wales=95
Weehawken=95 (Crash site)
167 is the 39th prime. 

The Sully Film even comes out 66 days before Prince Charles bday this year. 
Prince Charles born on 318th day. His ex Wife Diana dies on 31/8. 
February 17th leaves 318 days in the year during a Leap Year. 
Michael Jordan came out of retirement wearing saying 
I'm Back"=39 on 3/18. 
I'm Back=55 (Jewish)=Diana(Jewish)

Six Minutes=153
Hudson River=153

Chesley Sullenberger=89
LaGuardia Airport=81

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