Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Sam Foltz coding I found on his twitter.

Just wanted to document another short thing I noticed on Sam Foltz a second ago. 
The day before he died he retweeted this message about the weather in his hometown. 
The Weather station reported it was 106 degrees and feels like 139. 
Giltner Nebraska=156
Thirty Three=156

I also found this article on twitter about Sam Foltz Nephew sharing hugs with Sam's best friend Ryker Fife. 

Of Course this kid says his longest punt is 27 yards.  Foltz wore # 27. 

Interesting this kid is named LANE Foltz. Remember the boy ate by the alligator in Omaha was also named LANE Graves. 

Remember Sam Foltz last game was the Foster Farms Bowl. 
Foster Farms Bowl=192
He died 192 days after Lawrence Phillips. 
Colby Delahoussaye=192(LSU player who lived)

Sam Foltz dies 39 days after Lane Graves. 
Lane Foltz=39

Foltz also retweeted this Cancer Benefit for Matt Lindsay just before he died as well. 
Matt Lindsay=39

Sam Foltz last tweet..
I'm On It=35
Thirty Five=61, 142
Thirty Nine=61, 142

I also found it interesting the writer of the Lane Foltz article. 
Dirk Chatelain=115, 61
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115

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