Thursday, August 18, 2016

Paige-Alberto Del Rio suspended for Wellness Violation

WWE Wrestlers and couple Albert Del Rio and Paige suspended today August 17th 2016. 
Wellness Violation=226
August Seventheenth=226

Notice this also comes on Paige's 24th bday. 

Paige hasn't wrestled since 6/27. 

6/27 is normally the 178th day of the year. 
August 17th is 17/8. 

This comes 2 months 23 days after Alberto Del Rio's 39th bday. 
Twenty Four=167(Paige Age)
167 is the 39th prime. 
Bevis=39 (Paige's real last name? or possible it's Jade Bevis?)
Also his name being Alberto Del "RIO", reminds me of the Olympics held in RIO. 

Alberto Del Rio=136, 64
August Seventeenth=64
August 17th the day that leaves 136 days in the year. 

She used to wrestle as "Britani Knight"=142
Saraya-Jade Bevis=142
Thirty Nine=142
Forty Two=142

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