Thursday, August 25, 2016

107 days before the 107th World Series.

I lied about going to bed I guess lol. Real quick let's look at the 107th WS why I'm at it. 
Cardinals beat the Rangers. 

107 days before the 107th WS...
The Rangers beat the Orioles. 
The Cardinals beat the Reds. 

The Cardinals got their 46th win. 
Notice too the Reds became 43-43. 

Rangers got 45th win. 
Cardinals=36, 45
Interesting Orioles got 46th loss and stayed on 36 wins. 

I also find it interesting the Rangers score was 13-4.  They then lost in the 107th WS. 
King Charles=107
King Charles III=134
I've been documenting these 2 numbers together a lot recently, just funny it goes back to 2011 even. 

Anyway for real got to get some sleep, I'll look at this one a bit more tomorrow just didn't want to forget some things I noticed real quick. 

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