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Asiana Flight 214 Royal/Freemason/Pope Francis/Valentines-connections to 2013 World Series/Boston Bombing and the World Series

I got asked to look into Asiana Airlines Flight 214, so here we are. 
I've mentioned in every plane story I've looked at how they seem to be connected to the Royal Family/Freemasonry.  This one also connected to Pope Francis. 

Asiana Airlines Flight Two Hundred Fourteen=187, 430
It says there were 187 Non Fatal Injuries. 

It also happened on the 187th day of 2013. 

I've also mentioned how these plane wrecks always seem to be connected to the Royal Family. 
Notice it happens 131 days also 4 months 8 days before Prince Charles 65th bday. 
Prince Charles=131, 68
He was born in 48'
Charles I dies age 48
Charles II=48
Incheon=68(Airport it left from in South Korea)
San Francisco=68
Pope Francis=68
The reason I mention this is because Pope Francis became the Pope in 2013 as well. 

He became the Pope 115 days or 3 months 23 days before this flight. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
3 months 23 days. 
13/3 or 3/13.
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=133, 313
Pope Francis is the Antichrist=133, 313
South Korea=133
South America=133(Pope's from)
Forty Eight=133
Homosexual=133 (San Fran high Gay Population). 

It crashed on it's way to San Francisco as well. 
San Francisco=122  Located on 122W
Pope Francis=122
They are both named after "Francis of Assisi"=68 

Every time I see 214 it reminds me of Valentines day as well being on 2/14 or 14/2. 
Notice this flight happens 142 days after 14/2 or 2/14. 
Forty Two=142
July 6th can also be written as 6/7
Valentines=40, 49, 67
July Sixth=40, 49
SFO=40 (San Fran Airport called)
Airplane=40, 76 (What a day for a crash huh?)
Valentines the 45th day of the year. 
Sixty Seven=45
Seventy Six=45
Valentines also very significant because it has identical Gematria to Revelation. 
Valentines=49, 67, 121..1010(Jewish)
Revelation=49, 67, 121  1010(Jewish)

Also happens 223 days before the next Valentines day. 
The Synagogue of Satan=223
The Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco by Anton Lavey who died age 67. 
48th prime is 223. 

I thought it was interesting too that if you go 76 days after 7/6 it's also 2 months 14 days. 

7/6 is also 76 days after Queen Elizabeth turned 87 years old in 2013. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87
April 21st can even be written as 21/4. 

This was also the flight where the News made an error and said the Pilots names were these ridiculous ones. 
The News Station was KTVU. 

Also go watch these videos of the crash. 
Footage of 214 from a bystander Fred Hayes

Airport Footage

Look at how awful the recordings are. 
Video of a Different plane just a few days later

I mean ask yourself, how did this other guy get such a clear video of a plane, yet the others look like a camera from the 80's or worse. 

The first link the guy doesn't even care that a plane wrecks. He keeps saying Oh my God, but it doesn't sound realistic. 
Oh My God=42, 87
Eighty Seven=58, 139=Freemasonry
Notice the 1:37 video CNN gives us. 
137 the 33rd prime number. 

SFO=146 (Jewish)
United Kingdom=146
Prince of Wales=146
Incheon International Airport=146
Pilot Error=146, 65 (Reason it crashed)

They also make sure to let us know that the only fatalities were Girls.
Girls=29, 38, 65
Prince=38, 65
Three=29, 56
Chinese Girls=65(All 3 Girls were Chinese)
Pilot Error=65

Prince (musician) also turned 55 years old 29 days before this on 6/7. 

One of the girls was said to have died after being run over twice by firetrucks. Over a year later they said she was actually dead before it happened. 
Flight Two One Four=214, 88
They said she was sitting in Row 41. 
Run Over=41

She was coming to America for Summer Camp to learn English better. 
Summer Camp=41, 122

Actually "Church Camp"=49
Ye MengYuan=49 (Run Over Girls name)

The other girls name was Wang Linjia. 
Wang Linjia=46, 100
MengYuan=37, 100 (She was run over by the 37 and 88 Firetrucks)
Forty One=46, 118

Two Fourteen=162, 54
Sum Ting Wong=162
Sixty Seven=162
Seventy Six=162
This makes me think it had something to do with the World Series in 2013 as well. 
Major League Baseball=162   Play 162 regular season games. 

It was the 97th day of the MLB Season on 7/6. 

The Red Sox won 9-7 against the La Angels. and got their 54th win. 
Baseball=54  "Two Fourteen"=54
 The Red Sox also won the World Series that year. 

They had 97 regular season wins that year. They beat the Cardinals who also had 97 regular season wins that year. 

The Cardinals beat Miami Marlins on 7/6 that year 5-4. 
Baseball=54  "Two Fourteen"=54
Miami Marlins=131=Championship
Notice they got their 52nd win too. 

It was the 109th World series that year. 
The Red Sox beat "Los Angeles"=109 on 7/6. 

It was also 109 days before the WS began. 
Interesting too 3 months 17 days. 
Incheon International Airport=317 (Maybe nothing?)

2013 was also the year of the Boston Bombing. That happened 191 days before the World Series. 
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev=191, 74
Tamerlan Tsarnaev=58, 67, 76, 85
Red Sox=85
Interesting they killed 3 people, just like Flight 214.  

The Cardinals also beat the Pirates the day of the Boston Bombing 10-6. Making their record 8-5

The Red Sox beat Tampa Bay on Boston Bombing. 
Tampa Bay=79=Champion
4+15+13=32 (score of the game)

Well I'm sure there's a bunch more, been looking at this for a few hours now gonna check out some recent news. Possibly come back to this if something sparks my brain on it again. 

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