Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lil Yachty connections to the Death of Prince/Kanye West and Youtube comment I got while making this post.

I've been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about this new "Rapper"....or whatever you want to call this guy. He goes by "Lil Yachty". 
It's the worst music I've ever heard in my life no matter what Genre you place it in lol. I could see people listening to this as a joke or something.... I used to listen to the Lion King Soundtrack and drive around with it blasted just to make people laugh, but I think a lot of young kids actually think Lil Yachty is actually talented. 
Link to one of Lil Yachty's Songs.
Go listen to this guy, It just goes to show the elite can market and brainwash many people with absolute crap. 
Sorry if anyone actually thinks this stuff is good, I just cannot understand how anyone can for the life of me..Possibly just haven't heard "The Good Stuff"? 

Let's look at some gematria of him. 
Lil Yachty=43, 115
Miles Parks McCollum=71, 215
Miles McCollum=51, 150

Notice it says he debuted as a model in Kanye West's "Yeezy Season 3" Fashion line. 
Miles McCollum=51
Kanye West=51  Also 1551(Jewish)

Yeezy Season Three=115
Lil Yachty=115
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Remember how I talked about Taylor Swift saying Kanye was Studying the Craft while she was a little kid at the VMA's? 
Taylor Swift=51

Lil Yachty's Debut Mixtape was called "Lil Boat" that came out on March 9th 2016. 

Notice it came out 167 days before his bday. 
The 39th prime is 167. 
The Album comes out on 3/9. 

Also how interesting one of his hit songs is called "Minnesota" that reminds me of the Death of Prince. 
The Single and Album both came out 43 days or 1 month 12 days before the death of Prince. 

I'm even looking this up 4 months 3 days after Prince dies...interesting. 
Remember Prince died on the 112th day of the year. The Simpsons killed him off on Nov. 2nd or 11/2. 

Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 began on Feb. 11 or 11/2. The 42nd day of the year. 
Lil Yachty=43
Minnesota=38, 47, 110
His other hit single titled:
One Night=47, 92
Little Yachty=961 (Jewish) 
Elevator=961(Jewish..Prince died in the elevator).

I just got this message while making my post.. This is the weird stuff I'm talking about that happens. I'm talking about how Lil Yachty is connected to Kanye West. 
As I'm making it my phone goes off with a notification of someone leaving me a message on a really old video I made about Kanye West. 
They wrote "Categorie: Education". 
Categorie Education=85, 175
Education=38, 92  (Like Lil Yachty 2 singles). 
Categorie=47=One Night=Minnesota
Ganonbros=42, 105

You know I hate calling people out, because maybe it's just a coincidence but this type of stuff happens all the time. If this person is not part of it, it still pretty interesting regardless. Notice the Icon is even of an Alligator which if you have been following me, I keep mentioning how the Boy Ate by the Alligator at Disney World is completely connected to the Town I live in and other aspects of my life. 
I also find it interesting that the only video this person has is titled "PayDay Two Rats DW"=62, 215 
Miles Parks McCollum=215
215 also makes me think of the Death of Prince Protege Vanity who died on 2/15. 
PayDay Two Rats Death Wish=96=Freemason
Also today's date 8+24+20+16=68
Lane Graves=68 (boy ate by alligator)
Dunlap=68 (town I live)
March 9th is also normally the 68th day of the year.(Lil Boat)
Kanye West turned 39 years old on 6/8. 

Also the last video I watched on Facebook before I started seeing all the Lil Yachty stuff was this video of a guy getting his hand bit by an alligator. It's just weird stuff. 
I even mentioned how there is something going on with Peter Pan and Happy Gilmore in regards to that boy being ate. 
Chubbs Peterson=68(Hand bit off by alligator)

In regards to the 1551 stuff. Remember Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Donald John Trump=68
Barack Obama=68
Sixty Eight=56 (Kanye's whole family is connected to 56)

Notice it was a video I put out on 7/6/15. 
The last video I made was about Flight 214 that happened on 7/6.
July 6th can also be 6/7.
Daniel Behrendt=67  

Interesting it was 4 months 4 days before my 33rd bday. 

Lil Yachty's latest album came out on July 20th 2016. 

Notice it peaked at 197. 

Summer Songs Two=59, 68, 77, 86, 221

Lil Yachty also from Mableton, Georgia.
Mableton, Georgia=144
Forty Four=144
Red Braids=44(Lil Yachty's hair)

Interesting Mableton located on 33N. 
Also named after Robert Mable who bought land on 9/11/1843

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  1. Dude, I am Ganonbros and I found this amazing !

    I was looking for my username on google image to see what I could find and I got here.

    The aligator is called Gummy if you wanted to know and if you need to contact me, send me a message on my youtube channel.

    Anyway, I find it incredible that me posting this stupid message made you write all of this down. Life is truly full of mysteries.