Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lane Graves(Boy killed by Alligator) In News Again

Today we get the Boy from Elkhorn, Nebraska being killed by the Alligator story in the news again. 

The original story came out early morning on June 15th. 

So we get more to the story 68 days later. 
Lane Graves=68 (Boy Killed). 

Boy Killed by Alligator connects to Town I live in
The Link above I show how this kid's death is connected to the Town I live in, the college I graduated from and more. 
Dunlap=68 (Town I live)
Famous for killing the last keeper of the Sacred Pole of the Omaha Indians in 1868. The Freemason's saved the town from an Indian Massacre afterwards. 

Alligator=95, 41 
Dunlap located on 95W 41 N
Dan Behrendt=95
Much more...

Anyway this new article today, once again connecting it to the town I live. 
They have this picture in it...St. Patricks Catholic Church. 
The Catholic Church that I used to be a part of in my town is also St. Patricks.  I know there are a lot of these in the world but still interesting with all the other connections that my town would have this as well. 
St. Patricks=136
No Swimming=136
Disney Hotel=136

The Family was going to watch "Zootopia". 
Zootopia=45, 117
St. Patrick=36, 45, 117

This new article is mostly about how his father tried to pry open the gators mouth. 
Matt Graves=36, 45, 54 63
Lane Thomas Graves=63
St. Patrick=36, 45, 54

He also died 9 months 11 days after his 2nd bday. 
9/3 leaves 119 days in the year too. 

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