Monday, August 22, 2016

Brock Lesnar Elbows Randy Orton's head Real Blood Ensues

Last night during Summer Slam Brock Lesnar split open Randy Orton's head for real. Some say accidental others say it was because Orton was talking smack about Lesnar's failed drug test before UFC 200. 
All of this was part of the script. He probably did really hit him and make him bleed but Orton was aware it was going to happen. They had to keep the script going with Lesnar being back in the UFC. They love keeping the UFC and WWE combined for coding along with other sports. 
I even just mentioned Lebron James wearing the Undertaker/Ultimate Warrior shirts this year and how it connects to Lesnar breaking Undertakers Streak days before Ultimate Warrior died in real life. Lebron broke Cleveland Sports Curse. Even how it connected to the Wellness Violations. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

It was no accident, it wasn't Lesnar just being mad, it was just part of the script they both knew about. 

Orton was talking about UFC 200 where Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt. 
Mark Richard Hunt=77, 167

Randal Keith Orton=77, 185
Orton lost in Summer Slam by "Technical Knockout"=185

Lesnar born in 77'. 
He's 39 now. 
Real Blood=39
Brock Lesnar=46

UFC 200 to Summer Slam was 44 days (end date)
Randy Orton=144
Forty Four=144
RKO=44 (Signature move)
Summer Slam=35, 44, 53

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