Thursday, February 20, 2020

Rapper Pope Smoke killed in home invasion-Batman/Joker

As much as I've been covering BATMAN when I saw Pop Smoke's bday it instantly reminds me of the Batman shooting. Remember it was on the anniversary of the moon landing....
Notice today is 5 months 1 day before the 51st anniversary of the moon landing and the anniversary of the Aurora shooting. 
Area 51
So on..

I know even further that it's important to Batman because he has a song called "Christopher Walking". This song is a play on the name Christopher Walken who is in the film "Batman Returns". 
His character is Max Shreck which is interesting because I have been getting spammed messages on my post about Shrek recently. I wasn't sure of the meaning, and I wonder if this is part of it? 

If you notice Batman Returns is 126 minutes too, which reminds me of Kobe dying on 1/26....
Bashar Jackson=41(smokes real name)
He dies 41 days before Christopher Walken's bday. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Pop Smoke died in Los Angeles. 

Notice Walken is currently 76 years old too. 

Pop Smoke=34 and 38
The number 34 important to Kobe..
Rapper=34, 38

50 cent born on 7/6. 
Zion Williamson's bday...

The last big rapper to die was Juice Wrld....notice he died on 12/8 which is Dwight Howard's bday. 
Juice Wrld=157(FB)
Kobe Bryant=157

Bashar means "Bringer of Good News"....
I feel like there is something more to the name Pop Smoke that I'm not understanding too. Pope..White Smoke....


  1. That July 6th bday is hot. George Bush, Manny Machado, Zion Williamson. That's the day of the Sun-Sirius conjunction.

  2. ...on the 26th day of the Year of the Rat.