Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack wins $150k on the Powerball

Yet another reason I believe the lottery is rigged. The former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack won $150,000 on a Powerball ticket he bought on 1/22. 
A guy who is already a millionaire wins the lottery. 
Notice he bought the ticket 41 days after his bday and the story came out 60 days after his bday. 
2/10 is the 41st day of the year. 
Possibly I was drawn to this story because of Tom Vilsack's name gematria. 
Tom Vilsack=177(FB)
Remember Iowa is important to the China narrative, Slipknot, Batman so on...This is why it's interesting they waited until 2/10 to give us this story. 

Tom Vilsack=64
He bought the ticket the same day Zion Williamson made his debut synced to Kobe Bryant/Pope Francis and so on..
Powerball=41=Kobe Bryant so on...

Thomas James Vilsack=201
This number important to New Orleans/Philadelphia...
Iowa..New Orleans..France...

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