Friday, February 7, 2020

Death of my Aunt Betty-Kobe Bryant and my old info with 810, 624-Indians-Flintstones

My aunt Betty died yesterday afternoon, but I just found out this morning. Think of how many times in the past months I have mentioned the connections to her husband Barney dying in she dies...
Betty Jean Murphy=68
She dies age 68. 

Notice she died 4 months 16 days after her bday. The obituary also mentions her daughter died had a birthday of 4/16. She died on 10/15/1981, which was before I was born so I never met her. 
I can't help but think this is important to the Kobe Bryant narrative either...
Remember the Toronto Area code is 416. 
Toronto Ontario=416
That's why Summer Slam was held in Toronto on Tisha B'Av after the Raptors won the NBA Finals....the team Kobe once scored 81 points against and so on...

To further my thoughts of this..notice their bdays were 157 days or 5 months 4 days apart. 
Kobe Bryant=157, 41
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
He died 5 months 4 days or 157 days after his 41st bday. 

Notice too that their death days are separated by 8 months 11 days(end date)...or 8 months 10 days(No end date)..
Remember Tisha B'Av began at sunset on 8/10 and went to the day of 8/11. 
Remember Kobe was important to the Eagles and my Grandma died in connection to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl after my Uncle Barney died....He died 8 months 10 days before she died in 2017. 
Then the Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl and my son was born just before on 1/17/2018. 
So much to re-explain...such as after Barney died I found out at my Grandma's house on EAGLE street that Barney died from a car accident and not from cancer...I mentioned my Uncle Clancy being there and his son Ryan was the only Eagles fan I knew....the other person there was my sister who I found out that day owned a company called Eagle Acres...then a girl from her town died after the Eagles won the SB and her town was in a Super Bowl commercial...then Clancy died on 4/ was 6 months 24 days after my grandma died and 6 months 24 days before my bday....I noticed my son was born 6 months 24 days after 6/24 and 6 months 24 days before 8/10....which was Rocky Colavito's bday..and he was synced up to 624 like crazy..
Detroit Tigers=624
Rocky Colavito=624
So on..
Kobe Bean Bryant=810(sumerian)
Golden Gate Bridge=810(sumerian)
Flintstones=810(eng ext)..Betty Barney...their marriage was synced to the Indians vs Cubs World Series and the "tie" symbolism..."Tie"=114 and so on...Then Barney died on 1/14. 
The guy who Barney Rubble was based off..Art Carney was born on 11/4. 
The guy who Fred Flinstone is based off..Jackie Gleason died on 6/24. 
It's interesting too that Toronto will be established for 227 years on 8/27/2020...
Haile Selassie....12/21/12 on Ethiopian Calendar. 
My grandpa/Barney's father died on 12/21/1980(gregorian). Born on 10/12(Christopher Columbus)...the Indians getting wiped out. 
Native American=810(sumerian)
Remember too that I was told my grandma was 1/4 Cherokee and she is from Flintstone, Georgia. 
Another reason I think it's connected to Kobe is Chrissy was born 8 months 24 days after Barney's bday...
8...24..Kobe's numbers. 

Chrissy also died in the year 81' reminding me of Kobe....and on 10/15 which is the day my moms first brother died....Kelly died on 10/15/2013 which was exactly 32 years after Chrissy died on 10/15/ brother is also born on 10/15..and Kelly died less than a month after my brothers wedding....2013 the year Kobe tore his achilles. 
Joseph Behrendt=201(FB)

I wonder about Rick Moranis who portrayed Barney Rubble on the Flintstones film too. Notice he is from Toronto..
Stephen Baldwin the Las Vegas one...

I wonder about the people who were Betty Rubble too...
I see the last person to voice Betty Rubble was Grey DeLisle who was born on none other than 8/24 too. 
Think how the Royal Rumble was the same day as Kobe's death....
This film came out on 3/10....310...
Minnie Mouse....I need to think about this...

Tisha B'Av=212(FB)
It falls begins at sunset on 7/29 and ends on 7/30 this year...
7/30 will be the 212th day of the year in 2020. 

I just realized "Lakers"=122(FB)...fitting for Kobe's 81 point game. 

Remember after Barney died I thought the Rockets would make the NBA Finals too. Almost everything I have documented leading up to this season is connected to the Rockets...My moms sister/another aunt of mine has cancer and her last name is HOUSTON. 
Oh man..."Lorraine Houston"=201
Her bday is 11/ the anniversary of Kobe's first game. 
Kobe Bryant=113 and 58. 
I think she just turned 58 years old. 
Remember her son was synced up to the Rockets in 2017 with me and living in Mesa, Arizona...It was important to Mike Brown and San Diego where the Rockets are originally from....
Also my dad's father/my grandpa has cancer again too. They can't do anything for him so basically he is on an unknown amount of time. I just saw him tonight and he doesn't even seem bad, and says he feels good...but remember after Barney died is when I noticed the them of Fathers and the number 63. It was synced up to the priests in this town and Barney was important to the Knights and Jesuits. Barney died age the time I mentioned how I didn't think it was connected to my dad, but to my grandpa who had recently found out he has cancer....I'm bringing this back up because my dad will be 63 years old this year on 4/11 and my grandpa's name equals 63. 

2020 may be a long year in regards to this, but we will see. 

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