Monday, February 10, 2020

My Aunt Betty's funeral and some more thoughts-88-Cubs-Trump

I went to my aunt Betty's funeral today and again the priest said some stuff about escaping the bounds of TIME and so on..He then went on to mention my uncle Barney and how they got married on 8/8/1980 and had an anniversary party on 8/8/88. This was their 8th anniversary and they cooked 88 pounds of meat. He then mentioned how they went to a Cubs game for their 25th anniversary and the Cubs lost.....I tried explaining to my sister and parents that this is how I knew the Cubs would win just before Barney died. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
They went to the game on 8/8/2005 when the Cubs lost to the Cincinnati Reds. That season the Chicago White Sox won the World Series for the first time in 88 seasons. They had beat 2016 the Cubs and the Pirates had tie which was the first tie since 2005 when the Houston Astros tied the Reds 114 days before the 2005 World Series. Then in 2016 the Cubs won the world series in their 114th season being called the Cubs and got their 114th win of the season. 
The Hoboken Trainwreck on the same day as the tie in 2016(first baseball game)...that said 114 people injured. 
Then Barney a Cubs fan dies on 1/14 the same day I get a letter in the mail with $300. Barney's death still makes zero sense to me....
Art Carney born on 11/4(Barney Rubble)

After hearing how they planned all the 88 stuff it just seems to me that Barney probably knew about this knowledge. I mean he made a lot of money, was friends with big politicians, it just seems fitting. 

The priest also said they went to a Kansas City Royals game for their honeymoon and the Royals won the bottom of the 9th inning. 

Not sure why I'm even documenting this because I will never know for sure lol...but I see the game 4 days after their wedding the Royals won in the bottom of the 9th over the Baltimore Orioles. 

I also find it interesting that Barney and Betty were big democrats and hated Donald Trump. 
Notice Betty died on 2/5 which was 185 days before 8/8. 
Barney died 159 days after 8/8.  
Trump=25 and 88
Donald Trump=159
Donald John Trump=185

Notice the 6 months 3 days too. 
Remember Barney died age 63 which was a big number important to the Jesuits and the priests in my town. 
Sixty Three=153 
Flintstones=153 and 63
The 63rd Triangular is 2016(year Cubs won)
Native American=63(Indians)
There was a lot more...Elizabeth Warren important to Prince Harry and that was synced to 63 and Native American...
My grandma then died and she was from Flintstone, Georgia. I always thought it was Chattanooga...then we got the Chattanooga Bus Crash...

Barney also died 206 days before 8/8. 
Chicago Cubs=206
Hillary Clinton=206
Deleted Emails=114
The election was super synced to the World Series in 2016. 

Remember my neighbor who was a huge Cubs fan died later in 2017. Then a girl I went to High school with born on 11/4 moved in. 
My neighbors death was synced to my grandma's death a few months later in 2017. She was a neighbor to both of us. 

If the pattern continues we should get some Korea stories in the year as well. 

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