Monday, February 10, 2020

LeBron's near Identical Dunk to Kobe Bryant-Rockets/Kings

LeBron does a nearly identical dunk that Kobe Bryant once did in the game against the Houston Rockets. 
Notice Kobe did the dunk against the Sacramento Kings in 2001. 
This is the exact narrative I have been following since 2017. Remember Isaiah Thomas/DeMarcus Cousins and so on all important to the Kings and Rockets. Luke Walton is now the coach of the Kings. I have been writing about this narrative in the book recently too. 
Kobe dies 156 days after his bday on the same day DeMarcus Cousins tears his achilles against the Rockets. 

So much more...this narrative important to China. 

Notice LeBron did this on the date of 2/6 as well....
Kobe dead on the 26th day..LeBron breaks his record 26 days after his on..
2/6 is also Queen Elizabeth's anniversary of being the Queen to make it even more important. It was her 68th anniversary. 
Prince Charles=68
Think how LeBron is important to the KING symbolism and the King Charles narrative...Cavaliers and so on..

This dunk was also 81 days(end date) after the anniversary of Kobe's dunk. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=81
81 point game 
DeMarcus Amir Cousin=81
He came out of the game with 8.1 seconds left. 

LeBron playing stupid like he didn't play this to happen. Remember his speech after he broke Kobe's record in Philadelphia, LeBron was saying how things just happen organically...He also said this dunk was like the film "The 6th man" and Kobe's spirit was inside his body. 

Kobe's dunk also came the season after the Lakers beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA Finals. 

Looking at the Lakers schedule it's interesting they have only had consecutive losses twice this season. The first was after they got their 24th win(Kobe's number)..they didn't win again for 13 days(13th prime is 41). Notice they beat Portland...and the other consecutive losses were when LeBron broke Kobe's scoring record and then when the Lakers played their first game after Kobe's death against Portland. 

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