Monday, February 10, 2020

Stand By Me Theme is Back-Rose McGowan Tells Snoop Dogg to leave Gayle King alone-Joaquin Phoenix win Oscar-Wendy Williams-Q'Anon-JFK JR.-Marilyn Manson-Luke Perry

Rose McGowan defends Gayle KING in her Kobe rape stuff. KING...LeBron...Kobe....
Then Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor at the Oscars and mentions his brother River Phoenix. 
Reminds me a lot of 2017 again...Stand By Me...

Rose McGowan's father was a leader of the Children of God church in which River Phoenix and Joaquin were a part of...
The Metoo stuff with her and Harvey Weinstein happened just before Wendy Williams collapsed on River Phoenix bday with Jerry O'Connell on the show. 

Rememember a month ago Wendy Williams was under fire for making fun of Joaquins clept lip. 

Also Luke Perry not being included in the Memoriam...remember his death was important to Corey Feldman defending Michael Jackson. 

Q'Anon Article
It also sticks out to me because yesterday I read an article posted by a local news on Facebook about Q'Anon. Apparently Donald Trump did a "Q" symbol at a speech in Milawaukee....I know Q is a controlled group and so on...but remember how all of the Stand by Me Stuff was synced to a "Water" theme as well....Q had the Watch the Water....
Notice how it tells that Q supporters believe that JFK Jr. faked his plane crash death? 
It's an interesting thing to write considering Rose McGowan was important to that plane crash. She was in the music video with Marilyn Manson(her boyfriend) called Coma White in which they re-enacted the JFK assassination. The video was delayed release twice in 1999 because of Columbine and the JFK Jr. plane crash. 


I'm waiting to see what Stand by Me connections we will get next. 
Stand By Me the song is by Ben E. KING as well. 

Remember Prince Harry and Meghan Markle listened to Stand by Me at their wedding. Super Bowl 52 had the Stand By Me Water commercial. 

Plus in November 2019 I documented how all of this was connected to the Joker film...Jack Nicholson..
Think about Jack Nicholson and Kobe Bryant too....would he really die the same year? 
His bday is 4/22 which is the 113th day this year...
Kobe Bryant=113

Joaquin's first movie was "Space Camp"...remember the Falcon Heavy Launch just before the Stoneman Douglas shooting was important to Marilyn Manson too. This year being the 51st anniversary of the moon landing which is important Aliens and UFO's...
My original post with River Phoenix was in August 2017 when I watched the Water film and Phoenix Forgotten. 
The film Signs(Phoenix) and water...

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