Monday, February 17, 2020

Alfonso Ribeiro(Carlton) on State Farm Commercial-Chris Paul-France-2019 Helicopter crashes

I just went to ESPN to see what time the All Star Game starts tonight so I can DVR it. I noticed at the top of the page there is a State Farm commercial with Carlton saying he is the new Chris Paul...
It's interesting considering Chris Paul is part of the narrative with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. 
Chris Paul is currently 34 years old like Howard. 
Not gonna re-list all the 34 stuff....
Notice Alfonso Ribeiro and Chris Paul's bdays are 34 weeks apart too. 

It's funny as I was just looking up Carlton the other night due to the Fresh Prince narrative and Kobe as well. Now he's on a State Farm commercial in regards to the NBA. 

Chris Paul's bday is the 126th day of the year. Maybe I already documented this haha but it's just so perfect. 
Kobe's achilles injury 126 days after Howard's bday. 
Cousins tears his achilles on 1/26. 
So on...

Chris Paul originally played in New Orleans as well. It's safe to say there is a major narrative with New Orleans and Kobe's death...
Anthony Davis
DeMarcus Cousins
Zion Williamson/Israel/France
Will Smith
Chris Paul
Zach's trip to Louisiana
Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans. 

Kobe died on the 126th day of the French Republic's 227th anniversary on 1/26. 
New Orleans, Louisiana=227
New Orleans=126

France=34 and 135(Jewish)
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Paris killed Achilles...

Kobe Bryant's father Joe Jellybean Bryant finished his pro career for the FC Mulhouse which is a French basketball team. He joined the team when Kobe was 13 years old...think Gianna....13th prime is 41....
His father finished his NBA career with the Houston Rockets too. 

This commercial was even released 157 or 5 months 4 days after Alfonso's bday. 
Kobe Bryant=157
Kobe Bean Bryant=54

Chris Paul's bday is also a day I said was important after the 2015 France Isis Attacks as it's 5/6. 
This is also why I think the Kobe Bryant short film with Kanye is important...
Paris France=56

Notice 5/6 is the 227th day of the 227th year of the French Republic. 
French Monarchy=227
French Revolution=227
This is why it's important that Donald Trump said he was Batman in a HELICOPTER on the 227th day of the year...which is also Napoleon and Ben Affleck's bday. 

Maybe we should watch for the date of 2/27 as well? 

Remember 56 was super important to Allen Iverson and Philadelphia as well. 

Remember the Paris Attacks were important to Team America....AIDS...Magic Johnson...Charlie Sheen....
Tigers Blood=126
Taylor Swift was important to Kanye and had the recent hit song BAD was synced to Freddie Mercury...

I'm interested too thinking about this band just added the Queens of the Stone Age song, "No One Knows" and played it last night. The lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal contributed to that album.....He was a big piece to the 126 at the time. 
Jesse Hughes=126
Boots Electric=56(Nickname)

I was seeing so much of 126 and 56 at the time I pointed out that 5/6 was the 126th day in a non leap year. 

Haha oh man that means that this year the 126th day is on 5/5...which is the day annivesary of the French Revolution beginning and Napoleon dying. 

Eiffel Tower=56
It was constructed for the 1889 World's Fair that began on 5/6. Remember last year the World's Fair was important to China and Slipknot playing for the first time at the Iowa State Fair. 
I'm pretty sure that's why the Expos won the World Series too. 

Thirty Four=56

I never put this together until now either..but remember the Helicopter that crashed into the building on 6/10 last year? It left from 34th street...
This was the same day Kevin Durant tore his achilles in connection to Kobe's bday. 
This is also Prince Philip's birthday and remember he was important to the Helicopter crash of the King Power Soccer owner. This was in turn synced to Shane McMahon's helicopter crash. 
The King Power owner died just days before the Lion Air Flight 610 crash synced to the Ethiopian Airline Crash...

Philadelphia in the 610 area code. 

Ethiopian Calendar it is the year 2012, the same year as the Batman shooting on the Gregorian Calendar...

Also the Helicopter crash in the Hudson on 5/15 was important to the 6/10 crash. 
515 is an Area Code for Iowa/Des Moines. 

Fresh Prince....Kill Phil...


  1. All star games had a target score. 157 ! and team LeBron scored exactly those points. Davis former NO pelicans even
    missing one free throw on purpose. to make sure they score only those points. He even said it on the interview after the game ended. kobe bryant =157 rv. Also watch for the ROCK theme that is going on too.

    1. The total points also equaled the Chicago area code

  2. I noticed this yesterday looking at the NC St/BC game
    6/2/20 to 7/28/20
    56 days
    1 month 26 days
    8 weeks

    From Queen Elizabeth's Coronation date to NC State coach d.o.b.

    Been alot of Kobe/Wilt/Walton/Royal Family syncs between game date/coaches

    Personally I believe that it deals with the Queen passing unexpectedly from what I've seen

  3. How strange is it that on sunday, "rocket man" singer Sir Elton John leaves a stage mid concert after losing his voice. The following day, Ryan "rocket man" Newman nearly loses his life in a car crash.