Monday, February 10, 2020

WWE Signs the Rocks Daughter Simone-San Francisco-Golden Gate

This story has San Francisco written all over it. 
Today is 2/10
San Francisco California=210
Notice today is 6 months 4 days before her bday. 
Simone Johnson=64
Today is also 180 days or 5 months 27 days after her 18th bday. 
Golden Gate=180
The Golden Gate Bridge opened on 5/27. 

Today is also 2 months 22 days before the Rock's birthday. 
Simone Johnson=222(FB)
8/10 is the 222nd day of the year in a non leap year. 
Golden Gate Bridge=810(sumerian)

Today is 107 days before the anniversary of the GG Bridge opening too. 
Earthquake=107 and 55
Today is 55 days before Wrestlemania 36. 

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  1. Been picking up on Hercules synchronicities. Hercules released on 25/7. 257 the 55th prime. As soon as I get the chance I'm going to show how America lies predominantly under the constellation Hercules