Tuesday, February 18, 2020

NBA ALL Star Game winner with 157 points in Kobe Bryant Tribute

Jennifer Hudson did a tribute song to Kobe Bryant to open up the NBA All Star Game tonight. 
I bet this is why they chose her...
Notice today is 157 days or 5 months 4 days after her bday. 
Just as Kobe died 157 days after his bday...or 5 months 4 days. 

NBA All Star Game=126 and 54(s)

Her bday was also new years day on the Ethiopian Calendar. 

The Rapper Common then did a stupid intro rhyming all of the players names and announcing them in. Maybe some people liked it lol, I just thought it was cheesy. 
Today is 26 days before his bday. 
Of course Kobe died on the 26th day and so on..

The whole game was a tribute to Kobe Bryant. They even changed the format to where they add 24 points to the highest score in the 4th quarter. Meaning after they add the 24 points that is the target score each team has to get to in order to win. 
Notice it just so happened to be 157 points. 
The 3rd quarter also came to an end with a tie at 41-41. 
Kobe Bryant=41 and 157

Anthony Davis made the 157th point to win the game for Team LeBron. 
Notice today is 24 days before his bday..this game all about 24 tribute to Kobe. 
I just realized..
Anthony Davis=224(FB)
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
The teams tonight wore # 2 and # 24..
Kobe memorial on 2/24..
So on..

Kawhi Leonard wins the MVP 135 days before his bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Interesting Giannis Antetokounmpo was born on 12/6 and wears # 34 too. 
Think about Kobe dying on 1/26 and the importance of 34. 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin=81
Bucks=34 and 157(FB)

Giannis is Greek, but his family is actually from Nigeria like Hakeem Olajuwon....Notice it says his real last  name means, "the crown has returned from overseas"....just thinking about the Crown/King symbolism....

Hakeem Olajuwon=224
Famous Houston Rocket...

Apparently I didn't post this blog post last night, but I swear I did. I just got home and couldn't figure out why it wasn't on my site...the internet probably disconnected like it always does...my stupid computer must have updated too...because it's all screwed up. 


  1. Adebayo means the King/the Crown
    Notice he won the Skills Competition

    Hield from the Kings won the 3 point competition

    Jones from Philadelphia won the slam dunk competition

  2. The Corona virus. means the Crown virus. Kobe buried in Crown of the sea. or Corona del Mar. The All star weekend on TNT was sponsored by CORONA (the beer). The new name for the Corona virus is COVID 19 Like Kobe. C’mon!! I think this is for Giannis to win the NBA title. Gianna sounds just like his name. The Lion won the the MVP on the Allstar game. Kawhi Leonard also means THE LION WHO CAME FROM THE WATER. Kobes helicopter crashed on the Calabasas(pumpkins in spanish)
    WATER district plant. something not many have mentioned.

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    2. Gianna was 13 years old
      Number 13 &46 connects to Bron too
      Bron is currently has 45 total playoff series ,which only means he will play his 46th
      Both kid and Vogel are 46 years old
      Kid coached bucks
      AD and Bron both wore number 23=46
      Giannis wins MVP he ain’t winning a title

    3. COVID 19
      COVID AI
      AVOID CI
      WHO CI