Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kobe' death in relation to 34-The exact narrative I was following-Howard-Cousins-Achilles-China-France-Earthquake

Trying to organize a few things with this Kobe stuff. 

Kobe Bryant=41 and 157
He dies in a helicopter that crashed 41 minutes after takeoff. 
He dies 157 days after his 41st bday. 
His 81 point game the rest of the team scored 41 points. 
His final game they took him out with 4.1 seconds left. He scored 60 and the rest of the team scored 41 points. 

He dies on the 3rd month 4th day of the NBA season, the day after LeBron passes him in scoring making LeBron go to 3rd and Kobe 4th. 
Dwight Howard also just turned 34 years old. 

Remember Kobe tore his achilles age 34 and the Lakers got their 43rd win of the season in that game. He also scored 34 points. The game was against Golden State, where Kobe's father was drafted 41 years before Kobe retired. 
Golden State=41
Staples Center=157
Kobe came back 34 weeks later and played the Raptors on Dwight Howard's bday. 
Kobe announced his retirement a few games after the Lakers lost to the Warriors by 34 points, and 34 days after the anniversary of Philadelphia. Then he plays Philadelphia in the first game after he announced his retirment..Then he dies just after LeBron breaks his record in Philadelphia...

Kobe's 34th career game was on 1/26 as well. 
Kobe tore his achilles 126 days(end date) after Dwight Howard's bday. 

The Lakers played their 34th game of the season against the Suns this year on the same day that David Stern died...1/1. 

They got their 34th win of the season this year against the Houston Rockets, who were important to the whole narrative with Dwight Howard/Kobe/Cousins/Dantoni...so on..

The Lakers 34th game of the season when Kobe tore his achilles was also against the Rockets. Remember after Kobe tore his achilles, the Lakers beat the Rockets to advance to the playoffs the next game. 

Don't forget Kobe couldn't play with # 34 Shaq anymore and Kobe died 41 days before Shaq's bday. 
He also died 41 days after JoAnn Buss died and the last time Dwight Howard was on the team, Jerry Buss died and Kobe tore his achilles. 
Dwight Howard's bday is 179 days before the NBA Finals begin this year....
41st prime is 179. 
Kobe was nominated for an Oscar 41 days before the Oscars on 3/4 in which he won...The Oscar for his poem Dear Basketball. 
Dear Basketball=41

Last season I said why I thought LeBron would be injured because of the number 34 and Kobe's connections. He would be turning 34 years old on 12/30/2018...then he got injured on the Lakers 34th game against the Warriors(Kobe). He came back against the Clippers, just like DeMarcus Cousins...LeBron then sat out the next game against the Warriors that was 34 days after his 34th bday...then returned to consistent play....then the Lakers played the Clippers again on 3/4 and got their 34th loss of the season while LeBron was 34 years old. 
The game on 1/31 when LeBron returned had a total score of 243 points too(Kobe Bean Bryant 123+120). 

Then the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis was announced 3 months 4 days after Davis' bday. Also 172 days after LeBron's injury...
Anthony Davis=172

Also remember someone left a trolled comment on my old Kobe tearing his achilles video...then Kevin Durant tore his achilles 34 days later. That comment was also 3 months 4 days before 8/11. 

DeMarcus Amir Cousins=126
DeMarcus Cousins tore his achilles on 1/26 as well...Now just think about that haha...I've been saying his achilles was important to Kobe forever and then Kobe dies that day 2 years later?....plus He tore it against the Rockets who lost and stayed on 34 wins during that game. He tore his achilles when the Pelicans had 113 points and the Rockets lost with 113 points. 
Kobe Bryant=113

New Orleans=126
Kobe died on 1/26
Just before Zach goes to New Orleans and posts about Lil Wayne(from New Orleans) and Kobe. 

Without the end date Kobe died 156 days after his bday. 
Chyna Thomas died 9 months 11 days before Cousins tore his achilles...
156th prime is 911. 
Remember the big narrative with the Rockets was all synced to China/Chyna Thomas/Kings...
I'm starting to wonder if the narrative with the Chiefs is pointing to LeBron/King like 2016....or if it's saying the Rockets will win this year like I thought in 2017....then the Indians like I pushed so hard...it seems it's about LeBron...but I've really been wondering about the Rockets all season. Morey's tweet and China/South Park...The Coronavirus...

China=26 and 126(FB) and 210(satanic)
Think about that in regards to Kobe dying on 1/26 the 26th day too. Kobe died 210 days before his bday...

Achilles killed by Paris....think about the France connection to this year...think about it's connection to New Orleans...

Kobe's dad is 65 years old and from Philadelphia...
Lonzo Ball born on Philadlephia's anniversary that leaves 65 days in the year. 

8/11 the date I said was important to Philadelphia/Kobe/Summer Slam/Toronto/Earthquakes...

Michael Jordan important to Philadelphia as the capital of Jordan used to be Philadelphia..then destroyed by earthquakes....
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13...the same year Kobe tore his achilles...
13th prime is 41.
65th prime is 313. 
Kobe died on Francis' 41st day of being 83...
The Lakers also have Kentavious Caldwell-Pope that is synced to it. 
LeBron important to Francis' visit to the United States.

Ben Franklin Bridge=101

Zion..Church of Philadelphia..Jordan...Earthquake...Golden Gate...Zion Williamson injured the same day as the 7.1 earthquake in LA..the same day Kawhi went to Clippers. 

In light of the Rockets and the 49ers in the recent Super Bowl...The Rockets last won the NBA finals on Trump's 49th bday in the 49th NBA season. They won over Shaq's Magic team...
Wrestlemania 34 was in New Orleans..

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