Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rosario Dawson is gay and comes out 81 days before her birthday-Kids-Eminem-Mac Miller

Rosario Dawson=81
She comes out 81 days before her bday. 

Keep this in mind in regards to a narrative. She made her debut in the film "Kids". Remember this is important to Eminem and Mac Miller. 


  1. No!! Not Rosario. Well she did Rent afterall. Looks good in a pantsuit. We've been watching her show briarpatch. Oh i see, she's "bisexual". Great marketing there. Still appealing to everyone.

  2. Rosario Isabel Dawson = 219 ordinal. Comes out on 2-18. "Two hundred nineteen" = 218 ordinal. "Feminism" =219 jewish