Monday, February 3, 2020

Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV with 31 points connections to SB 50 information

The Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV with 31 points. 
Chiefs=31 and 50
They won for the first time in 50 years. 
They also won by 11 points. 
11th prime is 31. 
50 years ago when the won the SB they won it on the 11th day of 1970. 
Notice too that when the Chiefs sealed the game there was 1:12 on the clock..
Super Bowl=112

Notice they got their first score of the game with 31 seconds in the 1st quarter. 

They got their 2nd score of the game on a 31 yard field goal. 

At one point in the game the announcers even made sure to tell us that Patrick Mahomes father played for 11 seasons in the MLB. His father is 49 years old. 

Remember Larry Johnson promoted gematria 1 month 1 days before his bday. 

It's funny as I mentioned how it was connected to Super Bowl 50 when I thought the Chiefs would win. At the time it was all connected to the numbers 11 and 31....I didn't know reverse gematria at the I didn't know that "Chiefs"=31(rev red)
It's funny looking back at it. 

After it was the Panthers vs Broncos I then thought that they would let the Black QB win and the Black Panthers win...It was because of the race symbolism and I thought it was about letting the black guy win due to stories like Freddie Gray and Michael Brown building up a race war narrative....Now Patrick Mahomes the black QB wins the SB in connection to what I was documenting about..
Think about Charles Manson...Blacks rising up...2020..Beach Boys...

It's also interesting to point out that 2020 is 11 years before the year 31'. I wonder if the Chiefs will win it again in 2031? 

I also just realized that Andy Reid became the Chiefs coach in 2013..the same year Kobe tore his achilles...the 49ers lost to the Ravens and so on..

Jimmy G also threw 31 pass attempts. 

The halftime show did a tribute to Kobe with J-Lo's 11 year old daughter who sang with the childrens choir. 
Notice the name of the song..
Let's get Loud=41, 157, 58
Kobe Bryant=41, 157, 58

It's really 2016 Clemson lost the national the Chiefs win the Super Bowl like I thought they would in 2016...This was when I noticed the big Prince/King Charles narrative...Carolina's...
This was the same year all of the Cleveland Indian stuff got crazy big....Chiefs...Indians...Andy Reid the Mormon important to the Indians..
The Indians start off the 2020 season against the Tigers who are important to Rocky Colavito too. 
The NBA had a big Back to Back theme...

I'm just interested if the narrative of 2016 will continue...

They really emphasized that Andy Reid got his 222nd career win during and after this game too. 
2nd day of 2nd month in 2020..
San Francisco=202

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