Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kenya's longest serving president dies same day as a story about the Lion King

The next story I click on after my last post is about Kenya's longest serving president dying. 

Daniel arap Moi=310(Jewish)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer=310...so on...
The only reason I clicked on it was because the Buffy stuff was important to the Ethiopian Airline crash going to Kenya. 
We also got this story about a school having to pay a third of it's fundraising, because it played "The Lion King". Remember this film is set in Hells Gate National Park in Kenya. 

Today is 6 months 1 days(end date) after Obama's bday...Obama the Lion King...
Lion King=185(Jewish)

It's also interesting that today is 5 months 26 days(end date) after last years world lion day...
Today is 5/26/12 on the Ethiopian Calendar. 

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  1. Hey Dan,
    The new Japanese Emperor Hirohito ascended the "Chrysanthemum Throne" = 248 / 95 / 265 / 94