Monday, February 10, 2020

Synchronicity with the number 11 and Buffalo today in connection to my blog posts-Magic-Joker-Buffy-Australia-So Weird

I woke up this morning and looked at my phone and noticed it was 11:11. 

We then had to go pick up Claire at her grandma's in Council Bluffs and I noticed my phone battery was getting low. I plugged it into the Charger and noticed it was at 11 percent when I plugged it in. This stuck out to me as I had just read Zach's blog post about the Joker being nominated for 11 awards at tonights Oscars...also all the clocks being set to 11:11 in the film. 

As I was taking the screenshot I noticed that I also had a message on Facebook at 11:11, so I wonder if that's why I woke up? It was a girl telling us she liked our band gig last night and is excited because we are playing for her bday next month. 
What's interesting about her is that she is married to a Freemason...or so I have been told. He's from somewhere in Illinois I believe and apparently his whole family is into freemasonry and what not. I don't think he is super into it himself though, but I really don't know him that well. I see him almost everyday at the gas station, but I've never really talked to him outside of that. He seems like a great guy and I'm sure he is. It's hard to explain on the blog, but I always think about this when I see him though. One of these days the opportunity may arise where I can ask him about it, or just some questions in general. Anyway I figured I would see what his name in Gematria was, because of this..
Tim Smith=111
For sure his name equals 111, which is fitting for my day full of 11. 

Eleven Eleven=126 and 54..
I just find this interesting considering how much I have documented about Kobe Bryant and these numbers being of importance. 
Think about all the 11 around 9/11 and so on...
My old info about the Chiefs from 2015 was all about 11 and then the Cheifs won by 11 points. This number has followed me for some time..Most notably in 2018...

The 11th prime is 31. 
Interesting it was the 92nd Oscars on 2/9 or 9/2....Today is span of 92 days after my bday as well. I was born in the 11th month. 

I also want to mention there seems to be something important to Buffalo today too. We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings and I was talking about why they are called Buffalo wings and so on...I then saw a few posts on Facebook about Buffalo sauce...then a story of OJ Simpson(Buffalo) player being mad a Gayle King. 
Buffalo=63 and 126

Ha I just searched my blog for the word "Buffalo" as I remember back in November I blogged about Buffalo Wild Wings a few times...notice the last time I blogged the word Buffalo was on 1/11 this year.

The next post I mentioned Buffalo in was on 12/7/2019. I mentioned 11/11 in this post in regards to the Buffalo Wild wings stuff in November. This was post was directly after another post I did that night in regards to Synchronicity and the Ice Princess. In that post my synchronicity was all about the 11 as well. 
These 2 posts were different synchronicities but connected to the same thing too. 

Here's the other post from 12/7/2019 about the Ice Princess. 
Both of these post were important to the Joker film and Aurora as well...think about my sync today with the Joker and 11....
The film that won the most awards tonight though was called "Parasite"=177(FB)
If you read these posts 177 was very important around this time. 

The next post in which I mentioned Buffalo was about Larry Johnson calling Dwyane Wade a freemason. 
Remember Larry promoted Gematria 1 month 1 day before his bday on the anniversary of Charles Manson dying. 
I'm just thinking about this for a second as the other major film at the Oscars was "Once upon a time in Hollywood"....Brad Pitt won an award for it tonight...think about Angelina Jolie being in my blog posts above...he's also Louie on the interview with the Vampire...he gets interviewed by Christian Slater who was important above....Luke Perry also in "Once Upon a time in Hollywood"...

This sticks out even more because a second ago while reading about the Oscars...I saw it said they omitted Luke Perry in the Memoriam on the Oscars. 
I just mentioned him again in my Shannon Doherty Post...the post I mentioned Magic as well....something I mentioned a lot in the above posts too....

My post on 11/11 talks about the Australia Wild Fires too. Remember the reason I knew the Buffy stuff was important was because the media's major story last year was about a 310 mile dust storm in Australia. 

I then mentioned how Jeopardy's James Holzhauer was from Naperville, Illinois. This is where the racism at the Buffalo Wild Wings took place...
James Holzhauer=63...He lost on 6/3...
Buffalo Wings=63

My original post about Buffalo Wild Wings was on 11/8...which is 3 months 1 day ago...
11th prime. 31. 

It's just crazy stuff. When I started this blog post I was just going to mention the 11 syncs, but I figured there was something important to Buffalo due to it also being a theme today.....It's just awesome that they are related. 

Haha and let's add another sync to this. I just randomly looked up at the TV, because Zamien is on my bed and sat up. I noticed the TV was advertising the film "Zombieland: Double Tap" on Channel 1100. I hurried to try and get a picture, but my phones zoom wasn't working right so I missed it. When I finally got it to focus is changed to this advertisement on Channel 1111 which is even better. 

This film came out on 11/8 too...the exact day I first documented about Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Hot Sauce...Fire...
Playing with Fire=92, 182...both 11 in numerology...
I've thought about this a lot recently too as it's something I don't usually cover. While gematria is important I think there is much more to learn with it's connection to numerology.

lol seriously it never ends. I typed the last part and stopped to think for a second. I then randomly looked at the time and it was 1:11am. I didn't get the picture in time so it says 1:12. 

One last thing I want to mention as it's been important to me recently. We got new phones back in January and I realized it gave us a Disneyplus free for a year. I just remembered how I used to love this show on Disney called "So Weird" and started watching it today. I've only rewatched the first 5 episodes, but I am amazed at some of the concepts it covers such as Astral projection. It's also funny how the main characters brother is always giving her a hard time for wanting to find Truth. He's exactly how I feel most people act when I explain things to them. In every episode weird things happen and he always makes up an excuse instead of trying to see the obvious. It's just hilarious as I deal with this everyday. I literally tell people about this knowledge everyday, and they are amazed. Then the next day, they still haven't looked into it for themselves, nor do they care...although they find it interesting, they just have no desire to search for truth. 
I can't wait until I get to the 11th episode of this show...

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