Thursday, February 20, 2020

Kansas vs KSU Brawl and the number 34-Kobe Bryant-Civil War

The number 34 being so important to Kobe Bryant I'm just wondering about the Kansas vs Kansas State Brawl on 1/21. 
Kansas is the 34th state and last state to join the union before the Civil War. They joined on 34 days before 3/4. 
The Civil War began on 4/12 which is the same day Kobe tore his achilles age 34 scoring 34 points. 

Notice Kansas scored 81 points in that game too. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=81

Then Kansas City won the Super Bowl and Trump congratulated the great state of Kansas even though the Chiefs play in Missouri. 

They became the 34th state on 1/29. 

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