Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Shannen Doherty has stage 4 cancer-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-9/11-France-my posts in December-Magic

Honestly my first thought when seeing this is that it has to be important to Kobe Bryant. 
Remember Luke Perry died last year on 3/4...notice Shannen Doherty's bday is the same day Kobe tore his achilles...
Beverly Hills...Los Angeles...both located on 34N too. 

This story comes 337 days after Luke Perry died..
The 68th prime is 337. 

This story also comes 68 days before Shannen Doherty's bday. 

She was also married to Rick Salomon who was born in 68'. He is the guy who made the sex tape with Paris Hilton, in which I documented about in December. 
The day before I documented about Rick Salomon, I mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer..and also Christian Slater and the film "Heathers"...this is funny as Shannen Doherty's first major motion picture was "Heathers". 
In that post I also mentioned a ton about the number 11 and 68 in connection to 9/11. 
The sex tape with Rick Salomon begins with a tribute to 9/11 as well. 
Stage Four Cancer=156
156th prime is 911. 

She's also in Mallrats that I mentioned with Ethan Suplee and Remember the Titans..
Ben Affleck..Mallrats...Batman...
The reason I'm thinking about this is because in my Rick Salomon post I mentioned the importance of FRANCE..Remember Affleck born on the same day as Napoleon. 

I need to think about this for a bit...I'm lacking because I never really watched 90210 growing up....or Charmed which is about MAGIC..which is what my post involving "Heathers" was about. 

I also see Luke Perry's last feature film was "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"...the Charles Manson stuff....

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