Friday, February 14, 2020

Kobe Bryant in relation to the Aurora, Batman Shooting-34-my old videos-France-Louisiana-201-Heath Ledger

Remember my first ever video about "Conspiracy" stuff on Youtube was 4/23/2013 that involved Kobe Bryant/Dwight Howard/Jack Nicholson....the Boston Bombing and the Batman shooting....
Notice that Kobe's 34th birthday was 34 days after the Batman shooting in 2012. 
Think about how important I have said the number 34 is to this narrative and how it syncs up to the Rockets, China, and Batman. 

Notice too that Kobe tore his achilles 7 months 20 days after his bday. The Batman shooting was on 7/20 so this means the shooting was 8 months 23 days before Kobe's achilles injury. Kobe's bday is 8/23. 
Kobe's achilles is absolutely synced to the Batman narrative. 
In the film before the shooting, "The Dark Knight", Batman goes to Hong Kong, China. This is the film that had Heath Ledger as the Joker. Notice Heath Ledger died on 1/22...the anniversary of Kobe's 81 point game against Toronto...The team he made his achilles comeback against on Dwight Howard's bday....The day that Zion Williamson made his debut...

Hong Kong=177(FB)
Hong Kong China=126 and 54
China=126(rev FB)

Aurora Colorado=157
Kobe Bean Bryant=157

Kobe tears achilles on 4/12. 

It's like my old videos are being used to create the narrative, or I was just that spot on in figuring it out years ago. 

Joker also set in 1981...
Kobe Bean Bryant=81
81 point game so on..
The film is 122 minutes long. 

James Holmes=177

This is why Donald Trump saying he was Batman in a helicopter is even more important to Kobe dying in a Helicopter crash....This is why Slipknot's first concert at the Iowa State Fair in 2019 was followed by a man from Zion, Illinois dying on 8/11 at their concert.....Also why Trump said this on Ben Affleck's bday(Batman vs Superman)...Remember Dwight Howard took the nickname SUPERMAN. 
Plus the New Orleans connections to France and 8/15 is Napoleon's bday too. 
All of this was in 2015, just before 9/23 and Pope Francis leaving from Philadelphia....he kissed the boy wearing the batman stuff...then Batmobile creator died in November...
Just before Trump said this we got the Trainwreck theater shooting connected to LeBron James. 
Amy Schumer=54 and 126
Amy Beth Schumer=239(FB)...makes sense 
LeBron James=923....9/23..23/9. 
All of that was important to France.....this year also important to France...

Kobe died on the 126th day of the French Republic Calendar on 1/26. 
Remember David Stern was also born on 9/22 and died on the same day the Lakers played their 34th game of the season. 
Aurora Illinois is the city of Light. 
Paris is the City of Lights. 
The Blackout Super Bowl was after the Batman shooting and then Pope Francis became Pope. 

The Coronavirus is said to have come from BATS. 

Joker came out 24 days before Joaquin Phoenix's bday too...Kobe # 24..

Also think about the date of 7/'s the 201st day of the year...this year and the year of the Batman shooting however it was the 202nd...
Remember how this number was important to 2019 Tisha B'Av...811 and so on..

Dwight Howard wears # 39
The Mighty Ducks stuff with Kobe and 39..
Nike/Zion Williamson 39..

Kobe dies 177 days before the anniversary of the Batman shooting....Moon landing...

The Trainwreck shooting in Louisiana as well. 
Notice the population of Lafayette where the Trainwreck shooting was is 126,000 too. 
Lafayette is considered to be the center of Acadiana(French Louisiana). 
Remember Louisiana named in honor of Louis XIV who was also known as the Sun King and is the longest reigning monarch of all time. He became King on May 14th which is the anniversary of Israel declaring it's independence. 
His father and Grandfather both died on May 14th as well. 

Aurora, Colorado the 54th most populous city in the United States too. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54