Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ryan Newman's wreck at Daytona-Rocketman-Elton John's Pneumonia-Princess Diana-Dwight Howard

First the Daytona 500 gets pushed back to the 48th day of the year. Then Ryan Newman crashes into the Wall reminding us of Dale Earnhardt Sr..
Plus Trump was there the day before, the guy who wants to build the Wall and declared it a national emergency on 2/15 last year. 
Remember this is the 49th modern Cup season.
Nascar established 49'. 
Earnhardt died age 49 on the 49th day of the year. 
Jimmy Johnson the # 48 car announced his retirement 2 months 27 days before the original start date of the Daytona 500. 
49th prime is 227. 

What I'm more interested in with this story is the fact that Ryan Newman's nickname is Rocketman. Think how much I've been talking about the Houston Rockets and the connection to Dwight Howard....notice Ryan Newman's bday is the same as Dwight Howard's. 
Ryan Newman=128...like 12/8. 
Magic Johnson=128

This wreck also comes a day after Elton John canceled his show in New Zealand due to Pneumonia. The guy who sings the song "Rocketman" and they just made a film called Rocketman last year. 

Elton John=41, 113, 224(FB)
reminds me of Kobe Bryant. 

It's also interesting considering Elton John and Princess Diana were good friends. He wrote the song Candle in the Wind 1997 for her.....just thinking how last year Anthoine Hubert's death was in connection to Princess Diana. 

Elton John's real last name is DWIGHT too. 
This wreck came 37 days before Elton's bday. 

Ryan Joseph Newman=201
2/17 is also Michael Jordan's birthday..I've mentioned why he is important in the past. 

I wonder too in regards to Earnhardt being the # 3 car and Newman the # 6..
Paris=36 and 63

A random thing I am thinking about too...is the NBA Playoffs and the 8th seed in regards to Kobe Bryant. I'm interested to see who the 8 seeds are in the playoffs and how it might connect. 

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  1. The #12 Penske Car who finished 2nd, (Ryan Blaney) was the exact car and team Ryan Newman drove, when he won the 50th Daytona 500.Which was also ran on the 17th of February. Newman's win snapped a 81 winless streak. Ritual = 81.
    Newman’s Win was Team Penske’s 1st Daytona 500 Victory, 12 years ago, yesterday. (< in which Newman, won in the #12 Car for Team Penske).
    50th Daytona 500, won by #12 Car Ryan Newman,
    62nd Daytona 500, Newman crashed by the #12 exact car he won in.
    (62-50= 12).

    Newman #6, was scored a 4th place finish. 46.
    If you add up the car numbers of the top 4 finishers,
    11 + 12 + 17 + 6 = 46.
    Sacrifice = 46 (FR).