Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff in relation to my Aladdin and Joker posts-King Charles

Looking more at Will Smith in regards to Kobe. 
The Fresh Prince=224
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
The Chamberlain Heights episode came out 2 months 24 days after Kobe's bday. 
They are doing Kobe's memorial on 2/24. 

Toronto Raptors=224
Notice DJ Jazzy Jeff was born on 1/22. The day Zion made his NBA Debut synced to Kobe and Philadelphia. 
Also the day Kobe scored 81 points against the Raptors and the Lakers total score was 122. 

Also remember how I was documenting a bunch about Will Smith in the Fall of 2019? I had synchronicity with the film Aladdin and my girlfriends name being Jasmine. Her mom even calls her Jazz. 

Remember too my synchronicity with the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn? This film is important to Will Smith...
Will Smith is 51 years old..
Kobe died in a helicopter...Trump said he was Batman in a Helicopter..just before Pope Francis came to America. 
DJ Jazzy Jeff=51

Willard Carroll Smith Jr=416(FB)
The number important to Toronto whose area code is 416. 

4/16 is the 107th day this year..
King Charles=107
I mention this because all of my old information about the Fresh Prince I thought was connected to Prince Charles becoming King....and getting a Fresh Prince....WILLiam. 
King Charles in history was married to Henrietta Maria of FRANCE...This is important to the New Orleans narrative...
Prince=34=France= the big number around Kobe. 

Also the Will Smith football player stuff was synced to the PHIL theme....Uncle Phil(James Avery)...Prince Phillip...
Prince Philip=135 and 81
He was important to the King Power owner dying in a helicopter crash. 

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