Thursday, February 20, 2020

Yao Ming in connection to Kobe Bryant

I've been going back and reading my old posts to really pick out the importance of this China/Batman/Kobe narrative. I mentioned Yao Ming being from China and sharing a bday with Andrew Luck...Luck announced his retirement on 8/24...or 8/11 Julian....8/11..Hong Kong so on...
Anyway look at this...
Yao Ming=136(FB) and 157(FB)
Kobe Bryant=157...Dies on his 157th day of being 41. 
Francis Bacon=157(FB)

Kobe dies 136 days after Yao Ming's bday....
The Dark Knight=136

Yao is 7 foot 6. 

The Rockets opened the preseason against the Shanghai Sharks and then played the Clippers on 10/4...the day that the film Joker came out. 

Remember Kobe's jersey retirement in 2017 was 117 days after his bday...and 1 month 17 days before the Eagles won the Super Bowl that was connected to Bridge symbolism....Cousins signed with the Lakers on Zion's bday that was 1 month 17 days before Kobe's bday and 117 days after Anthony Davis bday..

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