Friday, February 14, 2020

Robert Pattinson seen as Batman for the First time-Twilight-Aurora

Robert Pattinson finally revealed in a the Bat suit on 2/13/2020. 

91 days before his 34th bday. 
Robert Pattinson=91

Interesting too..."The Batman"=159
Donald Trump=159

The Dark Knight=215

Think about Twilight in regards to Aurora's as well. They aren't the same thing, but can create similar colors in the sky. 


  1. Batman
    The Contagion/Legacy/Cataclysm/No Man's Land
    Expert Chemist that uses weaponized props and toxins
    Death and Resurrection

    Goddess of Dawn
    Mother of Sol and Luna
    Mother of the Winds
    God of Dusk

    Aurora = Geomagnetic Storm
    Corona Borealis (Northern Crown)
    Duluth = Northern End of the World
    Duluth Minnesota
    (The Zenith City)
    Zenith = Celestial sphere directly above an observer
    Home of the Twin Ports

    Superman raised in Kansas
    Kansa = people of the South Wind
    Kansas = 34th state
    Seal of Kansas
    Ad Astra per Aspera
    To the stars with difficulty
    (Using the North Star to guide)
    Polaris = North Star
    In the Draco Constellation
    8th largest constellation
    Between Big/Little Dipper

    Kobe = Black Mamba
    Wilt = Big Dipper(Great Bear)

    Garoppolo = Snake on Native American Zodiac
    Mahomes = Bear on Native American Zodiac

    Wilt played at Kansas
    Kobe final 2 choices if he played college ball (Kansas/Duke)
    Would have chose Duke

    8 weeks before Event 201
    8/23 (Kobe's d.o.b.)
    8 weeks after Event 201
    12/13 (patient zero)
    100 days after Event 201
    1/26 (Kobe's d.o.d.)

    Now researchers believe Corona Virus came from snakes

    The relationship between the Royal Family dates and Kobe and Wilt are synced throughout every important date. The reflections in dates are unreal. Kobe and Luke Walton are ridiculously synced. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria seem to be most important.

    The rabbit hole runs deep
    Revelation/Rise of the Beast

  2. "Thank God for the Rain from the Taxi Driver soundtrack. On endless loop." I thought that was an interesting quote given the Joker aesthetic.

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