Thursday, February 27, 2020

Houston Rockets owner gets identity stolen on the Dark Web-China Far side of the Moon

This was a headline story on CNN for me tonight. Remember in October I had synchronicity with my post about the film "Unfriended: The Dark Web"....Also in November I talked a lot about the Batman/China/Houston Rockets we get a story of the Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta getting his identity stolen on the dark web. 

This story comes 119 days after my synchronicity on 11/30/19. 
Tilman Joseph Fertitta=119

Remember the film "Unfriended: The Dark Web" came out on 7/20 as well...the anniversary of the Batman shooting and the Mooon landing. 

Houston Rockets...Space...Moon....

Tilman Fertitta=210
Moon=210(eng ext)

It's also interesting that Tilman's bday is on the 177th day of 2020. 
Dark Web=177(FB)

It's also interesting CNN would be running a story about China and the Dark side/Far Side of the Moon right now too. 

CNN shows this launched on 12/8/2018...Dwight Howard's bday...although on wiki it says 12/7..

Today is the 57th day of the year...
NBA Finals=57

Something else I just realized...
James Harden became a Houston Rocket in the same season Kobe tore his achilles. 
His bday is 78 days before Russell Westbrook's...
NBA Finals=78

You have to appreciate the story of the Jazz moving their $34 million dollar player to the bench too. Kobe's final game against the Jazz....Kobe connected to 34. 

Funny too as I was writing this up I looked at my phone. I see I got a comment from someone at 10:41pm saying they think the Houston Rockets are winning this year. 

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