Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick's death-My post in January about The Price is Right and AMY

Is this story not interesting? Remember back in January I documented about a lady I know named "AMY" being on the Price is Right. She is related to the Carey Family.... Now Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend named "Amie" dies and they postponed recording of the Price is Right. 

She died 3 months 8 days before Drew Carey's bday at the age of 38. 

Bob Barker=38
Bob Barker and Drew Carey's bday's are 163 days apart this year...
The 38th prime number is 163. 

The Price is Right stuff started in 2017 after the Rockets/Chyna Thomas stuff..I thought Bob Barker would possibly die because he was 93 years old..
The Price is Right=93

Amie Nicole Harwick=102
The Price is Right=102(s)
Drew Carey=102

She died 95 days before her bday...
Drew Allison Carey=95
Robert William Barker=95

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