Thursday, February 13, 2020

Kobe buried in CORONA del Mar-Coronavirus-Crown

Kobe and his daughter are buried in Corona del Mar, California? 
Doesn't this stick out considering the connection to China and the Coronavirus? 

Corona del Mar, California=135
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Corona del Mar means Crown of the Sea...
Neptune? The 8th planet...Kobe # 8...the Kill Phil theme was connected to a huge Neptune theme in 2014...

Remember too all of the stuff connected to Isaiah Thomas and the Rockets was important to this...
Toyota Center....Camry means Crown...
Stephen means crown...
King County..
Sacramento Kings..


  1. I've heard the virus being called the "novel coronavirus" now.

    Lots of people talking about the 1981 dean koontz novel, "the eyes of darkness," which apparently predicted a bioengineered virus called "wuhan-400" was leaked and began infecting the population.


  3. It all makes me think of Prince Philip
    Wanting to be reincarnated as a deadly Virus to help with Overpopulation