Monday, February 24, 2020

Zion, Illinois the american center of Flat Earth-Batman-Slipknot-Rockets

I was reading through the comments on Zach's Mad Mike Hughes video and I saw someone mention Zion, Illinois being connected to Flat Earth. 
Apparently Zion, Illinois was the American Center for Flat Earth during the early to mid 20th Century....

Remember on 8/11 a man from Zion, Illinois was killed at the Slipknot concert. 

Mike Hughes dead at 64. 

Think about this...All year I was saying how Slipknot playing at the Iowa State Fair was synced to Trump saying he was Batman in the helicopter. I mentioned how the Houston Rockets were important to China and on 8/11 we got the Hong Kong attacks. Then in October the major thing was South Park/Joker film in connection to Batman....the Batman shooting....the Skyfall Trailer with the Chinese building that said "Aurora" on it. 

Then Rocketman Ryan Newman wrecks at the Daytona 500. Elton John gets sicks and they just released his film Rocketman...Now I'm finding out Zion, Illinois is connected to Flat Earth...this guy dies on a rocket......
Flat Earth=91
The Cold War came to an end in 91' 
The Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing. This year is a very important year for the moon landing stuff..51...

Remember too that Flat Earth got really popular after the Pizzagate thing...Kyrie Irving said he thought the Earth was flat and so on...I'm just thinking about this in regards to Jeffrey Epstein dying on 8/10...the same day Slipknot played at the Iowa State Fair....the 222nd day.....think about Mike Hughes dying on 2/22/2020 and so on...
Kyrie Irving goes out for the season on 2/20/2020 too. 
Jeffrey Epstein=215=The Dark Knight
He also went to jail on Zion Williamson's bday. 
 I know this is important even more so, because the other day I got asked to join a Flat Earth Group by a guy named Bryant. I thought it was strange as I don't follow the Flat Earth at all and someone named "Bryant" as I'm covering Kobe Bryant like crazy....
Now I see it's part of the narrative I was supposed to pick up on...

You know what else I just thought of in regards to Slipknot....
Gematria the Killing name begins with Corey Taylor's bday....12..8...73....
So he shares a birthday with Dwight Howard. 
Corey Taylor=157 and 1189(Jewish)
Kobe Bryant=157

Jeremy Lin=1189(Jewish)
Trump/Pope/ on with this number...


I'll have to think more on how this is all related...
This Space/Rocket/Moon theme is for sure back though

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